The first kind of heartbreak is when someone is extremely reckless with your heart, it breaks and shatters your self-worth in ways you never thought it could. It can scare the wits out of you, that you started praying to God; to please do not let heartbreak happen to the entire human race. People are already dying!

Jojo Yu Before and After

The second kind of heartbreak is the kind that comes along when you have to watch your loved one suffer from a serious illness. This is when you will realize that when someone means the world to you, loving them also means defying your own expectations of oneself. And it begins with the urgent motivation to be physically fit and healthy for them, to inspire them to live more and be the best son/daughter that they can truly rely on.

The third kind of heartbreak is when you break your own heart. That moment when you look at yourself into the mirror with a “TALE-OF-THE-TAPE” weigh in of 243 lbs., awkwardly standing tall at 5’6 and you still say to yourself, “NO, SIZE 24 is not fat!” The girl in the mirror stares back at you, immediately looks away to find comfort and solace in a vice called EATING.

Heartbreak of any sort will wake you up with an overwhelming realization that there’s only so much you can take in your entire lifespan. There is just one life to live and this is where my story begins.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never be pretty and that’s fine. I am always confident being a plus-size girl. I am comfortable in my own size and body. But after the first sort of heartbreak, I decided to become the best version of myself–and that starts with living healthy.

Jojo Yu

If you want to have that BODY, if you want to be somewhere. You better WAKE UP and PAY ATTENTION. The FIRST run in the treadmill, the FIRST burpee will always be the HARDEST. Watching everyone happily stuff themselves with cups and cups of rice, chips, cakes, and ice cream can easily put a test on your willpower and motivation.

I always believe in never letting go of a good thing without a fight. The moment I decided to enroll in a gym and give triathlon a TRI, marked the start of my “bringing sexy back” project.

And after a couple of grueling months of training, I have no regrets! For every pain I encountered in every race and for all the sweat and tears that I poured in every training, I know that WILLPOWER SURVIVES and MOTIVATION WINS!

One year later, I’ve lost 85 pounds. But more than the weight loss, I’ve gained a new-found perspective and a certain sort of happiness that only comes with being healthy and truly being satisfied–no insecurities and all. And I think happy girls like me will always be the prettiest.

Weight Loss Tips

1. Learn how to LOVE yourself first. You are BEAUTIFUL.

2. COMMIT yourself to it. Let go of the fear.

3. It takes 21 days to break a habit, TRUST the process

4. It is okay to enjoy a good meal or dessert but do everything in moderation

5. Know the healthy habit of eating

6. Sleep and rest well.

7. Exercise

8. Enjoy a reward system (for every good workout, treat yourself to a nice spa treatment)

9. Get a good support system (running coach or training buddy)

10. Drink plenty of water.

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