During my high school days, “Tambok”, “fat”, “baboy” were the words I usually hear whenever I walk along the corridors. I was 5’11 then but I was most known because of my weight. I never got the attention from girls I liked and would always feel bad and ate as a past time.

College was a different story as I was diagnosed with all kinds of diseases like rheumatic heart, high blood and cholesterol, and I also had high uric acid levels. So I needed to lose weight.

It was quite difficult at first because I wasn’t used to eating healthy but my older cousin helped me out by training me at the gym. But more than that, he changed my perspective about health and weight loss and kept me motivated.

In the Summer, we would wake up at 6am to jog around the city. At 2 pm, we would go to the gym. We did this constantly and I avoided going out with friends to drink.

In April 2013, I weight 125 kgs, but a year after I only weight 80 kgs! And the results were obvious. All I needed was the determination to stick with my program and eat right.

    10 Weight Loss Tips:

  1. Whether it’s for your health or just physical appearance, know why you want to lose weight and have that in mind during your journey.
  2. Eat right and eat clean. Avoid unnecessary calories in sugary drinks and soda.
  3. Avoid high carb food and sweets.
  4. Workout or go jogging. Just remember not to push yourself too much at first. Give it time for your body to get used to the exercise.
  5. Get into sports. It’s a fun way to get physical activities in your life.
  6. Imagine yourself after you’ve lost weight. It sounds crazy but it’s an added inspiration and incentive for you to push yourself.
  7. Be patient. Don’t give up when you don’t see results right away.
  8. Do your own groceries and make your own food. Always get more lean protein and fresh food. Don’t get any junk food!
  9. Drink lots of water especially in our weather. When you think you’re hungry, you might just be thirsty.
  10. Eat eggs. It’s a good source of protein!

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