I gained weight when I became part of the call center industry. My lifestyle, sleeping hours, and my meal times had changed. While I tried to get in some exercise in the morning, it didn’t go very well since I was always tired from the night’s work.

My work environment didn’t help my cause as I was surrounded by fast food. I ate it almost three times a day and since I lived far from my work place, I slept right away upon arriving home.

This kind of lifestyle continued for 7 years and during that time, I weighed around 210 lbs. I was also diagnosed with all kinds of diseases like high blood, obesity, high uric acid, and cholesterol.

It got worse when I was bullied by my colleagues and relatives because of my weight. So last new year, I decided to make a change for the better as a new year’s resolution of sorts.

I started working out January 2, 2015. I did cardio at first but felt very uncomfortable a the gym because basically, I didn’t know what I was doing. But I read up on what to do, asked questions, and stuck with it. Right now, I’m only eating rice once or twice a week and have started eating more vegetables, fish, and fruits. And of course, I keep myself hydrated all the time.

5 months into it, I went down to 170 lbs and I feel so much better about myself and I’m proud I was able to lose the weight. However, it doesn’t stop there. In the course of my New Year’s resolution, I realized that weight loss was not the resolution, but a healthy and fit lifestyle is. So here I am, still going on the journey to a more healthy me.

Tips for Weight Loss 

Pick a program that focuses on strategies you can practice long-term, not just while you are “on the diet.” Meal replacements, like shakes and portion-controlled entrees, make it easier to cut out calories now and in the future.

Eat a lot of nutritious fruits and veggies so you can eat in volume with less calories.

Get off to a strong start. Contrary to the general belief that “slow and steady” weight loss is best, articles have found that dieters who lost weight quickly lost more total weight and kept off more weight long-term. Researchers concluded that how well dieters do in the first 2-4 weeks predicts their success to five years later.

Make your home a safe and healthy haven. Fill your home with healthy, low-fat, quick and easy food options. A bowl of fresh fruit on the counter, for example, can make it easy to have a healthy snack.

Plan. If you don’t plan out what you’re going to do, the world has a plan for you. Map out the first day of your week to get a strong start so you can build on the rest of the week.

More is better. This is true if your weight-loss plan includes healthy strategies like vegetables, fruits, and meal replacements. The more of these you eat, the more weight you’ll lose. You don’t have to be hungry to lose weight. On the contrary, if you stay full with low-fat, low-calorie foods, you’re more likely to stay on your diet and lose more weight overall.

Target your “easy wins.” Simple substitutions are often the easiest way to out calories. Drinking a diet soda instead of a regular soda every day will save you 15 or more pounds in a year. Better yet, skip soda and drink water! Eating a turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and mustard instead of a roast beef sandwich with mayonnaise just twice a week will save you another 15 pounds.

Keep moving. Daily physical activity, like walking, along with healthy eating is key to long-term weight-loss success and maintenance. Once again, more is better.

Track your progress. Food and exercise records help you stay accountable to your diet plan, reinforce your success, and give you valuable feedback on how to continue to build your skills.

Drink your fluids. It is important to stay hydrated. This is especially true when you are losing weight, because your body will naturally lose some water as the pounds come off. Make sure you drink at least eight 8 oz. glasses of non caloric liquids per day.

Don’t go it alone. Research shows that people are often more successful when they lose weight with a friend or a group

Be Positive and never give up!!!

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