I’ve been fat all my life. As a young girl, my relatives would always comment on my size, saying that I would never have a boyfriend with my size. I was always scolded for eating too much because I was already fat. I didn’t understand it because I was never self-conscious about how I looked anyway.

But of course, I did try to lose weight. But unfortunately it would always work out for the worse. I would run but eat a lot right after. Run again but eat again. Basically, I get so tired that I just want to eat more and more.

Then in 2013, I started working in the kitchen. In the fast-paced environment, I noticed I couldn’t move as fast, I would get tired easily, and I would always struggle with my breath. In September of that year, I was just tired of being fat and not being the best I could that me and best friend decided to start going to the gym. I started my weight loss journey then at 191 lbs

With 7 months of exercise at the gym, I went down to 150 lbs! And it was all purely diet and exercise without pills or stuff that like that! And I’m always proud to say that I lost weight out of my sheer desire to look and feel better about myself. And if I can do it, I’m sure a lot of you can do it too.

Tips for Weight Loss 

1. Motivate yourself. Think of why you want to lose weight and focus on that your entire journey.

2. Stick to your goal. Never lose heart or get discouraged by outside factors. Just keep at it.

3. Eat right. You can eat as much as you want as long as it’s clean and healthy.

4. Detox. There are a lot of available detox waters and juices and a lot of natural ways to do this so no reason not to do it. It will make you feel light and clean.

5. Work Hard. Get yourself off the lazy zone!! If you want to be fit, you gotta move!!

6. Don’t get discouraged. Just do it. Forget about the people teasing you for being on a diet.

7. Have a cheat day. Indulge once in a while. Emphasis on once.

8. Don’t abuse your body with cigarettes, alcohol, and staying up late. Get lots of rest and sleep!

9. Don’t stop till you achieve your goal. No turning back.

10. NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP. You’ll slide back,that’s for sure but when you feel like giving up, think of the reasons you even started! Think about yourself and how you can inspire others to take this path too.

Got your own weight loss story? Send it it with a 2 before and after photos and 10 tips! 

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