Nine years ago, I was 45 kg before I entered a long term relationship. I read an online article saying that long term relationship could be one of the reasons why women gain weight. Because apparently, we get too comfortable knowing that there’s someone who loves us despite our size.

That was true for me. But when my 6-year relationship ended more than three years ago, my weight gain spiralled out of control. I knew I needed to do something to shed the pounds I gained. But I never really had that shove I’ve always been waiting for. I was one of those “bukas diet na ako” (tomorrow, I’ll diet) people. And I had the mentality of “I’m not yet obese anyways, overweight lang.” I had a “valid” excuse as I was taking corticosteroids for my allergies which cause face mooning, bloating, blah blah blah.

Until I felt like I wasn’t healthy anymore. September last year, I reached 65 kg. For my height it was already borderline obese. My father and brother had been very vocal about it. They couldn’t take it anymore. And I couldn’t take them always saying it to my face. My father decided to have a biggest loser competition within our family. We had 85 days to lose weight. I took it as the “shove” I’ve been looking for.

It wasn’t easy; especially because it was Christmas season when the competition started. The most difficult part was the kick-start diet plus exercise. I had to change my lifestyle completely.

The first thing I did was to get flavored/colored drinks completely off my system. It was a punishment because I was a self-proclaimed coffee-addict. I slashed my intake of sugar by avoiding sweets 100%. I also started to lessen the rice I eat and started to run in the mornings before going to work. The first week was hell. But I pushed through until after two weeks, I completely abandoned eating rice and all I drink was water. I joined fun runs too.

I struggled a lot. I struggled so hard I felt like it was the most difficult challenge I ever faced in my life. But what really made it bearable was the people I was with when I was doing it. It became an enjoyable journey because I wasn’t the only one who suffered during birthday celebrations when all your senses were being tempted by the food around you. I wasn’t the only one who woke up at 4 in the morning to run at least 8 kilometers every day. 
I was doing it with the people who had the same goal as mine. I had the best support system during this time. On Christmas day, during weigh-in, I was 55 kg. I lost 10 kg in 85 days. And I won the challenge. I never imagined I had that kind of discipline to do it. I was determined not because of the monetary prize, but because I believed it was the best for me. The result was worth all the sacrifices.

It has been 9 months and to date, I weigh 52 kg, 2 kg shy away from my target weight. Now, I eat whatever I want, but I never went back to eating rice. I got used to it. My diet isn’t as strict as 9 months ago but I enrolled in a boxing gym. I never expected I’ll be enjoying this kind of lifestyle. Yes, I haven’t reached my target weight yet, but I am not worried at all. I’ve already proven I can do it, I’m just taking it slow this time with a new mentality burned on my will, that I am never going back there.

Weight Loss Tips

Find your push button and set your target weight within a time frame.

Drill your target weight into your mind and up your determination. Cut out sodas if you’re into it. If you can,

cut out ALL drinks with artificial ingredients.

Drink lots and lots of water. It makes your skin glow literally!

Find a good carb replacement for rice and white bread. I started eating wheat bread every meal in replacement to white rice.

Be physical. I suggest running outdoors with your friends. It’s more enjoyable than running on a treadmill inside a gym. But if you want to enrol in a gym, go ahead! As long as you’re comfortable with it.

Be consistent with your diet and exercise. Never miss for the first three weeks so you can form a habit.

Do not give in to the temptation of munching on junk food when you feel hungry. Instead, munch on some energy bars or better yet, fruits!

You can always have a cheat day, but if and only if you think you deserve it. I splurged on coffee after running 12K in a fun run when I was just starting. And then I punished myself the day after. Because I also deserved that. 😉

Never ever think that you are doing this for someone or everyone else. DO THIS FOR YOURSELF. Because you deserve to live a healthy life. I promise you, all the cravings that you’ve fought hard to resist, all the sacrifices running or going to the gym are all worth it when you start feeling healthy again. Every time you step on that weighing scale? Best feeling — because those numbers serve as your reward.

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