I was an avid gamer and drinker. Not only that, I liked to eat a lot as well. I was so big and lived a sedentary lifestyle that I got into a severe state of depression. I deactivated my Facebook account and lived the life of hermit until my friends decided to all start going to the gym. And after much convincing, I joined them.

Marky Before and After

The first few weeks at the gym was hell for me. I wasn’t used to strenuous physical activity so lifting weights and doing cardio made my entire body ache so much. I didn’t like how it felt but stuck with it. After a while, my body got use to the ache and I craved for it. I got hooked. So supplement my gym program, I also stuck to their recommended diet plan and got into a routine of exercise.

I would go to the gym after work and on the weekends. I practically went to the gym everyday. And because they had given my a simple diet plan, I followed it religiously: oatmeal, 4 egg whites and/or veggies for breakfast and chicken for lunch and dinner with steamed veggies. I was also advised to eat bananas everyday. It was hard at first but I stuck with it because I didn’t want to be what I was anymore.

After weeks, the pounds began to melt away and eventually I started jogging on a regular basis as well. When I got bored with just running, I started practicing boxing which I always wanted to do (but couldn’t because of my size). Eventually, I stopped going to the gym and went boxing instead. I found that it’s more fun than going to the gym because for one thing, I develop a new skill, and there’s always something to strive better for.

After months of the gym and boxing and eating the proper diet, I’m no longer the dambuhala or baboy. Although I still have a long way to go, I want to inspire others like me (who are avid gamers) to stop living life through your computer and go out and do something. I have let go of the sedentary lifestyle and though it will be hard at first, you can do it too-with just one step at a time.

Weight Loss Tips

1. Set a goal see it through.

2. Minimize and limit what you take in, stay away from fatty foods and soda. Try water with lemon or buko juice instead.

3. Exercise daily, even basic stretching and light exercises will go a long way. If you’re the type of person that likes a challenge, try doing more that what you did yesterday and keep challenging yourself.

4. While exercising, don’t overdo it, if you can’t do it for now, take your time

5. Keep focused and don’t let the words of others discourage you or put you down

6. Persistent and consistency are two keys to achieve what you want

7. Wearing a sauna suit helps but is also very risky ( can lead to dehydration and fatigue) Use at own risk and listen to your body.

8. Try eating fruits and vegetables on an empty stomach, you’ll be amazed at how easily you can get full at the same time it helps with distribution of nutrients throughout your body. (I eat my veggies raw but cooked also works as well, steamed preferably)

9. Drink two glasses of room temperature water or warm water when you wake up and before you sleep

10. Have fun with what you’re doing, invite friends so as you can motivate each other and if you’re competitive you can even compete against each other for fun and thus pushing yourself to your limit. Don’t see it as a chore because that can make you give up easily


Got your own weight loss story? Send it in to thefatkidinside05@gmail.com with 10 tips and 2 before and after photos!

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