At first, I didn’t really mind the weight. Yes, I was fatter than any of the women in my family but I was taller, so technically, I am just compensating for my height, right? And I have to admit, I love to eat, especially when I was stressed. I can finish stuffed pizza slices and bags and bars of chocolates in one movie sitting.

Alyssa Before

It only got worst in college, where fast food was a daily staple and sleepless nights means binging on the sweetest, oiliest and most chemically enhanced flavoured food you could find. But I didn’t mind that I was getting bigger because my friends seemed to be getting bigger with me as well.

Honestly, my main motivation for losing weight was simple; I wanted to wear shorts without feeling conscious about it. It seemed shallow, but that’s what got me going for a healthier lifestyle. It was difficult in the beginning, especially when all of your favourite cakes and sweets and cheesy pastas are taunting you, but I decided to let them go a little at a time.

Then I set certain food goals like stop eating chocolates. It was quite a challenge because I loved them so much. But I started by just eating half a bar (instead of my usual bar or two) until I stopped eating it entirely. Then I made meal plans for myself and eliminated sweets and other junk slowly but surely.

By simply dropping the junk food, I saw quick results. After that, it was easier to get into healthier eating habits when you see positive changes. I started eating a lot of veggies and fruits or something steamed. Basically, I started to eat things I never ate before (because I was used to eating fast food and junk food) and I was pleasantly surprised at how much of the natural flavours I missed when I was binge eating on artificially flavoured ones.

After dropping a few pounds, the challenge for me was maintaining my desired weight. And to help with that, I started exercising. I got myself a gym membership and with the help of an instructor, I kept the weight off. I find that the best exercise for me was zumba because not only did it give me my daily cardio requirement, it was fun too!

Weight Loss Tips

1. Know yourself and your eating habits. It is important to learn what type of body you have or whether you lose and gain weight easily? Do you stress/binge eat? Do you eat on time? or do you have a sweet tooth? Identify these to know how you should create a meal plan for yourself.

2. Don’t do this for anyone but yourself. Despite of the support around you, weight loss could still be a long, sad, cruel and lonesome journey. It has so much challenges and the only weapon is your determination and perseverance. Once you complete this , the rewards you’ll reap will be so much worth it.

3. Don’t stress it. If you happen to fall into temptation today, get on you feet and try again.

4. Eat more natural and organic fed food. This is can be a little tricky but try to reduce your artificial flavourings and seasonings. Learn to read the labels on the back of the packaging instead of the front, especially the ingredients list. You’d be surprised at how much sugar and artificial stuff goes into your food.

5. There might be potent diet pills but they’d only be temporary. Once you stop using them, you’d gain the weight twice as much so don’t get into them!

6. Don’t rely on the weighing scale too much. I often rely on my waistline rather than the pounds.

7. Drink a lot of coconut juice! This is a way better option then buying bottled juices that are loaded with sugar, also it is cheap and readily available.

8. Avoid overeating or binge eating by eating on time. Set yourself time to eat based on your schedule.

9. If you can’t go to the gym religiously, there are a lot of exercise you could do while at the office or at home. Also, there are simple things like challenging yourself to walk a certain distance a day or use the stairs in the MRT instead of the escalator. Keep active in a way the would suite you and your lifestyle.

10. A healthy lifestyle is something you practice for a lifetime, not just until you get the waistline you want.

Got your own weight loss story? Send them in to with 2 before and after photos and 10 tips!

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