Imagine a person who can eat 6 packs of pancit canton, 2 fried eggs, 6pcs of pandesal and 800ml of soda in one meal.

Yes, that was me. I weight 100 kgs 2 years ago but so much has changed since then.

I was born overweight. But the fact that I ate so much sweets and processed food growing up didn’t help. I could eat six jumbo hotdogs in one meal. And it entertained my family that I could do that. Because of my weight and appetite, I was sort of the family mascot.

They would always tease me with names like “Tabality, Takaw, Bardagul” and many other derivatives of “fat.” I thought it was okay since I was the youngest in the family. But none from my family ever told me lose weight. Maybe because they thought I was cute or that they love me no matter what I looked or maybe they thought I wasn’t capable of losing weight.

Then in 2013, I met this guy who went through a fitness journey. He inspired me a lot that the next day, I decided to take that first step into my own weight loss journey as well. I went on a strict fruit diet and lost 9 kgs right awy.

After gaining confidence, I started eating healthy by eating grilled and steamed food only. No junk food, sweets, processed food and the like. Then I started exercising regularly by joining group classes in the gym, going running or biking. I did this regularly for 10 months and I went down from 100 kgs to 58 kgs! My target weight is actually 53 kgs, which is, according to the internet, Isabelle Daza’s (my fitspiration) weight.

Weight Loss Tips

1. Plan your diet. Distinguish boredom vs hunger. Make sure that you eat on time and portion your food.

2. Eat steamed or grilled proteins with veggies and avoid carbs.

3. Eat low sodium; as much as possible go NO SODIUM

4. Eat fruits for snacks but in little portions only. Remember, portion control is everything.

5. Don’t drink colored liquids-stick to water!

6. No sugary food.

7. Do not check your weight everyday instead do a weekly weight goal.

8. Seek help and support from your family and friends, make them understand what you’re going through.

9. Exercise every day. Religiously!

10. Always pray, think positive and feel good!

Have your own weight loss story? Send it in to with 10 tips and 2 before and after photos!

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