I was born a very healthy baby boy. Too healthy, in fact. My birthweight then was heavier than most infants. Never did I know that I could grow up even ‘healthier’ than that.

When I was a child, I never liked eating fruits and vegetables. So those years were spent eating fast food, chocolates, chips, and all things unhealthy.  When I was in college, I could eat a single meal with five cups of rice at this local Japanese restaurant. I always ordered too much food, that even waiters and food servers give me two sets of utensils because they thought that I was ordering is for two people.I did try to be fit because I was enrolled in a health science course in UP Manila. I exercised and ate healthy food but because of the schoolwork, I wasn’t able to sustain my lifestyle. When I graduated and started reviewing for the boards, I gained even more weight. During my first pre-employment examination, the doctor told me I was a whopping 310 lbs.

On my birthday last year, I asked myself how life could be if I was smaller and fitter. I thought I’d finally stop hearing pig jokes. People would finally stop glaring at me when they couldn’t get a seat in public transportation. And I could start wearing nicer clothes. It started with little things but it gave me the resolve to change my life for the better.

I started to diet and exercise. I took out fatty food from my diet and started to incorporate fruits and veggies to my daily menu. I also went to the gym more often. I would do cardio first then do a bit of weights after, to burn a few more calories. It took me a while of that but I started to see the change.

The people who first thought that I couldn’t lose weight were the first ones who cheered when they saw me look a lot better than before. I continued on my journey, and exactly one year after I decided to change my life, I only weighed 165lbs. I lost almost 146lbs in the process! But of course, it doesn’t stop there. I’m still keeping the same lifestyle so I don’t grow big ever again.

Tips for losing weight:

1. Have that resolve to lose weight, and stick with it until you’re done.

2. Never run out of motivation. Keep yourself inspired!

3. Diet and exercise are a package deal.

4. Discipline is key! Learn to say no to that luscious chocolate cake when you’re full!

5. Calorie counting helps (at least it was helpful to me!)

6. Don’t start your diet plan with a lot less food than what you usually take. Don’t starve yourself.

7. Don’t go on full-intensity at the gym when you have just started. When I first hit the gym, I just did 30-minute cardio sessions through the elliptical trainer or treadmill before stretching.

8. Indulge yourself sometimes. When you feel you have done all the weight loss efforts you’ve done in the week, say yes to that cheat day (but never go overboard that single cheat day!)

9. I also prayed to God that I will have the strength to maintain my resolve for losing weight. Prayer really helps!

10. FOCUS. When you learn to focus on what you want to do, you will find yourself directing all your effort to achieving what you want.


Got your own weight loss story? Send them in to thefatkidinside05@gmail.com with 10 tips and at least 2 before and after photos.

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