You know that time in a relationship where  both of you are too comfortable with each other? Well, it took me and my ex-boyfriend 6 months to reach that zone. We were “getting fatter together” because we ate when we were bored and we loved eating at holes in the wall.

When we started dating I was 165 lbs and when we broke up, I weight a whopping 210 lbs. And it wasn’t because I drowned myself with food because of heartbreak. Our conscious uncoupling made me realize that I needed to take care of myself-that I needed a body that will not give up on me on my 8th year of being in the BPO industry.

So last year, I signed up for a gym membership. I also researched how to manage my food intake. I won’t sugarcoat it, “difficult” is an understatement. Finding the motivation to go to the gym everyday was a challenge, it was an everyday battle between my mind and my aching legs because all I wanted to do was just give up and go home, eat and sleep!

Shopping for food was worse. I wanted to sweep the junk food aisle but of course I had to stick to my oats, bread, veggies, and fish. I had to keep this in mind: what my mouth wants is not really what my body needs.

For my workouts, I was mostly doing core exercises and resistance training. I learned how to put my body weight to good use. I also started lifting weights as I learned that women who lift weights tend to burn more than those who don’t. After going through 6 months of clean eating and working out 4-5 days a week, from 210 lbs I was able to trim down to 165 lbs. Seeing and feeling my progress I pushed myself further and even changed my gym program, currently I weigh 142 lbs and it doesn’t stop there.

Weight loss tips:

Never starve yourself. Remember, your goal is to be healthy not to be skinny.

Never cheat on your workout routine(s). What’s the point of making one if you’re not going to follow it? Discipline is the key.

Learn how to prepare your food and bring it to work with you. I know it’s hard to resist fast food but this way you no longer have an excuse to make a quick run to the nearby burger joint plus you can save money too.

Don’t eliminate carbs. Yes, carbs. You still need it in your life but do take note that complex carbs is better than simple carbs. Google the difference and you’ll also see a list of various complex carbs you can munch on and not feel guilty after.

Ditch the dessert! We know we want it but we really don’t need it (except during your cheat meal)

As mentioned above – have a cheat meal. Think of your favorite day and allot one meal with your weekly craving. I do this every Sunday and I would, most of the time, go for fried chicken!

Hydrate and re-hydrate. You’ve heard this way too many times but water really helps a lot, it is one of the best ways to cleanse the body without the added sugar from any fruit or vegetable.

Drink GREEN TEA. This is one of my secrets. I drink a cup of green tea an hour before working out, it gives me that additional pack of energy for cardio and weight lifting. I assure you, you will sweat like crazy!

Don’t forget to rest and recover. Some people workout daily but they still find time to rest by getting enough sleep, giving enough time for muscle recovery. I work out 4-5 days a week but I make sure that I give my muscles enough time to recover from all the heavy work. The road to fitness is indeed painful and your body recognizes the pain which is a clear sign that it’s working, but like any heavy machinery your body needs to rest in order for you to have enough strength for your next battle.

Perspire and inspire. One of the best forms of motivation to keep yourself going is knowing that you get to inspire people to the point that they are moved by the progress you made. Ask your friends to join you at the gym when they have free time so they’ll see that it’s not so bad.


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