My name is Zosimo Alexis San Juan but most people call me “Deejay”. I am twenty-four years old from San Juan City, Metro Manila. Back in 2009, I weighed 300lbs at 6.2 feet and was obese. My waistline was 46 inches and had a shirt size of XXXL so I had to get clothes from my grandparents in the US because I couldn’t find my size in the Philippines. Basically, I was obese my whole life. Currently, I shed almost 100lbs from my body and now only weigh 205 lbs. This is my story.

In college at the De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde, I was really into basketball and other sports. Although because of my weight, I had a lot of difficulty playing because I got tired easily and my knees often hurt after every game. I ate so much everyday. I ate 2 cups of rice or more every meal and once finished an 18-inch pizza all by myself. I constantly ate sweets and junk food and ate even during my classes. On top my that, I also drank a lot of alcohol. My friends and I would drink even during our breaks from school. It was because of my religious drinking and excellent eating habits that I always had a hard time walking up and down the stairs and just walking from building to building. Everyone around me told me that I should start to lose weight. Whenever they said that, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed for some reason. Because even if I was fat, I felt perfectly comfortable with my body then. I did not see why I should diet. But my girlfriend, Bernie, and my family made me see that I needed to lose weight for my sake and health. So that simple day-to-day activities like going up the stairs didn’t have to be so difficult.  

Weight Loss Tips

1. Minimize intake of sweets, deep fried food and junk food.
2. Lessen rice intake.
3. Hit the gym.
4. Workout with family and friends.
5. Don’t settle for one sport.
6. Always get enough sleep.
7. Eat less during night time but eat like a monster during breakfast.
8. Surround yourself with people who will tell you the truth about how you look.
9. Try to loose 1 pound a week. Take your time in loosing weight and never go on a crash diet. Enjoy your diet!
10. Prepare yourself mentally before any workout. Always think of why you are doing this. That it’s for you and nobody else.

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