Just like any other break-up story, it all ended with sleepless nights, a river of tears, and of course, the comfort that was given by FOOD. So yeah, I don’t really want to go into the break-up details and how many calories entered my body but I just want to share my weight loss story.

Having been diagnosed with slip disc in November 2012, I was advised by the doctor to lose weight. I used to weigh 140lbs. January 2013, after the break-up, the doctor’s advice was totally forgotten. Stress eating has become my best friend and all my emotions were expressed in eating.

In July 2013, my weight reached 156lbs and had a hard time walking, running, and going up the stairs. Even my selfies had to be stopped because I always had a double chin. This was then I decided to pick up the pieces of my heart and love myself first. I realized that whatever food I put in my mouth, would define who I was–you are what you eat, they said.


Weight Loss Tips 

1. Drink lots of water. The first thing you should take upon waking up is water (yes water, not coffee). Drink everytime you feel hungry. Note that your brain sometimes gets confused if you’re really hungry or just thirsty. So it’s better if you drink water first. If the feeling of starvation goes away, it means that you’re just thirsty. If it doesn’t, then yes, you can go ahead and eat.

2. Start your day with protein. Pandesal and waffles are not doing any good to your body. Studies show that starting your day with carbohydrates makes your insulin level higher and will make you crave for more food all throughout the day. Unlike if you start your day with protein, your body will go into burning mode and make your cravings diminish.

3. Eat every 3 hrs. The trick is to not make yourself full and to divide your meal in portions. Pizza party at the office?? Say yes! But only in small portions. Emphasis on SMALL.

4. Replace 2-3 meals with a protein shake. Protein is the best your best replacement for dinner when you should have the lowest calorie intake.

5. Drink green tea especially after meals. This is a great way to burn fats and to avoid bloatedness. You can drink up to 1 liter of green tea a day but just make sure that the ratio of your water intake is higher. Ideal intake is 3 liters water and 1 liter green tea since excessive tea may cause constipation.

6. Dessert is essential to stop your cravings. Just have a candy, a bite of chocolates or fruits. This will also help you get rid of cravings all throughout the day.

7. Don’t deprive yourself. I am in favor of cheating when it comes to food. Just make sure that you will be able to burn the calories by drinking green tea and by exercising the next day.

8. Successful weight loss consists of 70% diet and 30% exercise. Exercise during weekends if you don’t have time during weekdays. Keep yourself moving.

9. Reward yourself with material things, not food. Most people tend to treat themselves with excessive food and cheat days when they’ve lost a few pounds. You can just reward yourself with a smaller size of dress or smaller jeans in order to keep you motivated in losing weight and to continue on your goal.

10. Dieting should be a lifestyle change. It should be something that you can follow forever. Remember to always be conscious when it comes to your calorie count.

As of the moment, I must admit that there have been a lot of cheat days for me after I’ve reached my target weight last March 2014 but I make sure that I monitor my weight and go back to cutting calories whenever I need to.

My weight loss story may have sounded easy but let me tell you that there were times when I encountered judgement and criticisms from negative people but that didn’t stop me from reaching my goal.

Having been broken hearted, I realized that I should never let myself be someone’s last choice and I should never settle for anything less. Health should be my number one priority and right now, I am proud to say that I have finally regained my confidence and I am ready to face a new chapter of my life.

Do you have a weight loss story of your own? Send in it to thefatkidinside05@gmail.com with 2 before and after tips and 10 tips!

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