Growing up, I’ve always been bullied because of my weight. It only got worse in college when I got even bigger. I was ordering fast food everyday and eating mostly junk food at home. I didn’t care too about my weight then. Eating that way was my daily routine and way of coping with the stress of college.

Sheina Before After

I knew I couldn’t let go of all the food I used to eat. So I sort of lost hope that I would ever lose weight. But in 2014, I just woke up one morning and decided that I couldn’t stay that way forever. I couldn’t stay unhappy with myself.

So I mustered all my courage and determination and enrolled in a gym. At the same time, I started to let go of some of my favorite junk food. It was very difficult at first because there was a sense of comfort in fast food and junk food that I couldn’t rely on anymore. At first, it felt like a sort of punishment but I eventually got used to my healthier eating habits.

I eliminated fast food, rice, junk food, and mostly ate fruits and veggies. I worked out as much as my schedule would permit and after months of sticking to my diet and exercise regimen, I went from 209 to 134 lbs!

During the entire time of my weight loss journey, my main motivation was just to improve myself and be proud of it. It was as simple as that. I wanted to wear the clothes I wanted without being self-conscious and I didn’t want to made fun of any more because of my weight.

With a goal of 121 lbs in mind, I am challenged to break my weight loss plateau and just continue to break bad habits and make good ones. All in the name of a healthier me, a better lifestyle, and improved overall wellness for the long run.

Weight Loss Tips:

1. Motivate yourself, it will all start with you.

2. Set a certain goal. Do what you must to achieve or your weight goal, and go from there.

3. Eat right. As much as possible, eat healthy foods. Make sure to include vegetables or fruits for every meal. You can eat your favorite food once in a while, just to satisfy your cravings but just a small amount will do.

4. Exercise daily (if you can). It helps to build muscles to burn calories and lose more fat. No time for gym? You can try working out at home or anywhere, watch different workouts online, they’re actually effective.

5. Drink plenty of water and green tea. It’s the best advise, I would think. Water will keep you hydrated during work out and and drinking a lot of water helps you on not wanting to eat more before meal. Second, green tea helps for easier digestion.

6. Do not deprive yourself. Practice moderation rather than deprivation. Trying to resist can cause more problems, more likely to give up on your diet.

7. Don’t stress yourself too much. Give yourself a little break once in awhile. A small bite of chocolate won’t wreck your diet.

8. Be inspired. Being inspired is a good thing, from family, friends, special someone or even yourself. I did change for myself, for the better me.

9.Enjoy while doing it. Losing weight should not be an obligation. You should be willing and wanting to do it. Enjoy every bits of it as much as possible.

10. Reward yourself. A cheeseburger perhaps? After a good workout or just enjoy yourself with something nice once in awhile.

Got your own weight loss story? Send it in to with 10 tips and 2 before and after photos! 

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