Growing up, I was a fat kid. I was the only fat kid amongst five siblings. It was only in my dreams that their clothes fit me. During those times, I did not bother to listen and embrace the comments and tips of other people on how to lose weight. My family and friends would encourage me to be conscious of my weight and body figure; they would enroll me to all sorts of summer classes (sports), physical activities, and other activities that could help me lose weight. My brother and I even made a deal that if I lose weight and reach a certain weight, I will get a reward. Likewise, the deal also happened with my parents.

Well, I may say some of them were successful for a while; but none lasted long because I know that something, one important thing is still lacking in the process. That’s self-motivation. All the things that I have done before did not come from me; I did those for the sake of doing what other people said so.

One day, I was browsing my photos in my social media account when I saw a picture of myself – a “before” photo of me made me decide to change my lifestyle and begin my journey to fitness. Different thoughts were popping on my mind on how to get rid of fat I’ve “cared for” in my body.

Rovero Before and After 2

That was me last April 2013 weighing 69 kgs with 34 inches waist line. I loved carbs, but then I knew that I have to cut them off. Hence, when I started my diet plan, I made up my mind to give up rice. I also decided to stop eating pork, but since I have a hard time distinguishing between pork and beef, once cooked – I chose to give up both.

With the combination diet and exercise, my weight dropped to 58 kgs after several months. Unfortunately, I lost my focus along the way and I was not able to manage my time, discipline, and self-control properly. The stress, deprivation of sleep, and pressure coming from my academic workloads and other activities led me to stress-eating and gaining four kilograms.

It took me sometime to regain my focus and motivation to strive and lose more weight, but I never quit. When I earned it again, I challenged myself and tried insanity workout and boxing. I needed to engage myself in different types of workouts because I get bored easily. This year, I worked with a personal trainer to help me improve my core strength and endurance. I also tried my luck in running which was not my forte at all, but surprisingly, I was able to finish a 16 km run in a span of less than two hours. Right now, I have finally reached my goal weight of 53 kgs and 27 inches of waist line.

My journey to fitness took me years before I finally reached my goals but as I have mentioned earlier, NEVER QUIT. You can always try and take chances until you finally and successfully hit your target. Just like what I did, I never stopped from aiming to hit my goals and striving to achieve the better me. As the saying goes, “If you’re tired of starting over then stop giving up.”

Now, look for your own motivation. You have all the time to compose yourself and believe that you can also do all these things.


1. FOCUS ON YOUR GOALS AND NEVER GIVE UP. It is important that you have motivation and discipline. Never allow yourself to skip your exercise or diet for unnecessary excuses. Look straight and follow the path of your goals.

2. DIET + EXERCISE = HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. A combination of the two is important in order to achieve your goal. The rule of thumb is the 70/30 approach for weight loss, 70% healthy eating and 30% workout.

3. EAT HEALTHY – DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. As much as possible, cook your own food and eat organic. Do not skip meals nor starve yourself.

4. SAY NO TO JUNK FOOD. As what my coach said, it does not give you any nutrition that is why it is called junk.

5. DO NOT DRINK YOUR CALORIES. Choose water over bottled or canned drinks, and of course say goodbye to sodas. Eat your calories rather than drinking them.

6. TAKE THE LONG WAY, NOT THE SHORTCUTS. Take your time, do not rush your fitness journey. Do it naturally.

7. ENROLL IN A GYM OR SPORTS. It is fun to be engaged in different types of workoutS wherein you can discover the exercise that you love to keep on doing and also the least ones. Moreover, you can also meet new friends.

8. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. Check your weight and waistline every day/every week. Once you see your progress, you will be more inspired to achieve your goal. If you are experiencing a slow progress, try to multiply the progress that you have with the number of days/weeks in a year and see, you can still have that result when you keep on going. Always remember that having a progress is better than not having one at all.

9. ALWAYS HAVE A TARGET GOAL. Once you have reached your goal, set another one. Do not be complacent with your current goals, you can make more.

10. EMBRACE THE FITNESS IN YOU. Your entire weight loss journey or road to fitness should never end; it should already be part of your lifestyle. Do not go back to the old you.


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