Aside from fat and calories, another thing I had a lot of was excuses.

I had the I’m-already-fat-so-I’ll-eat-anyway attitude. I thought I knew how to dress to make myself looks skinnier so I settled for that. I was wrong.

I lived on my own so naturally, I chose my own meals. I ate a lot of the most unhealthful kinds of food. I didn’t even like sweets. But my love for anything fried and fatty made up for that.

I was also bullied. People called me names in my face and behind my back. I was always part of the school blind items and other gossip. I’ve been rejected a lot of times too—both romantic and career-wise, even in class groupings. I had very little to no self-esteem. And I used to think that life was just so unfair. Turns out, I owed myself more than the world did.

I know better now.

I started my journey to weight loss because I needed a push in my life. But it didn’t only change my physical self but also my entire well-being. Not only that, I also became closer to God because I needed divine intervention to stay strong throughout my journey.

So that’s how I started. Here the rest of the lessons I learned the hard way:

Weight Loss Tips

Do it for the right reasons and do it for yourself.

No amount of break-up or heartache or revenge will bring you to success. Do it for yourself. You have to want to lose weight because you want to look better or you don’t want to feel sorry for yourself anymore. Losing all the excess weight is a positive thing; it must also come from positive reasons.

Set a goal, get it!

The best way to start is to check on your Body Mass Index (BMI). You can get this information online. Know how much weight you need to lose. Set a weight goal.

My first goal was to be able to wear a pair of white pants that I liked a lot. At first I cannot even pull it up. Now, I cannot wear it anymore because it’s already too big! Then I started researching about the BMI. I learned that I had to lose 50 pounds to hit my desired weight. I knew it won’t be easy, but I had to start somewhere.

Educate yourself

Ask. Research. Read. Know which are the really bad food and the good ones. I let go of hotdogs, spam and powdered juices, because rocessed foods are your worst enemies. They taste so good, only because they have the most unhealthful ingredients. I had to stop eating the bad carbs, like my favorite palabok and pansit. Yes, I gave up on rice, too. I ate less pork because among the meats, pork has the most calories.

I researched on calories, too. I religiously counted my intake. I had to know which ones have less, which ones I should avoid. While on the process of losing weight, I ate no sweets.

Find inspiration!

There are a lot of inspiring stories all over the internet. I’ve read them at least once a week. I looked up the internet for a lot of “before and after” photos. They all made me so excited!

Now, people tell me I inspire them. When they tell me that, I get more inspired to maintain my healthy lifestyle. Hey! I was even featured in a magazine. You can do better!

Get up and move!

Diet cannot do everything. I had to run, do a lot of cardio exercises and work out. Workout will make you look better while losing weight. It will make you look healthier, and not under-nourished.

Surround yourself with positive people.

Keep friends or kin who believe in you, and what you can do. At first, people will doubt you. You cannot blame them, you’ve lived a sedentary life before. But when you start losing weight, you would know who really are happy for you.

When I was beginning to lose weight, I became a lighter person to be with. I got more smiles, greetings, happy thoughts and better comments from people. These helped me a lot, they helped me big time. The power of positivity!

Accept choices, let go of excuses.

I am a law student so I didn’t have the luxury of time to run a lot or go to gym, but it didn’t stop me from working out. I also didn’t want to ask my parents for extra money for a gym membership so I had to work out on my own. I looked for a running field near my place. It became my morning habit.

Discipline yourself. Surprise! Your best coach is yourself.

Formulate your own strategy. No one knows yourself more that you do. Everything is only hard for the first few weeks, or the first month. Everything is easy when you develop good habits. Speak to yourself. Wag kang maiinip. It will come.

Sleep. Be hydrated.

Need I explain?

Embrace your new lifestyle.


I already lost 45 pounds since I started. 20 pounds during the first 3 months, the next 25 followed. People tell me I am a different person now. And I feel like I am.


Got your own weight loss story? Send them in with 10 weight loss tips and at least 2 before and after photos.

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