I’ve been fat all my life. Although in high school, I noticed that I gained even more weight that I normally did. It got worse in college. The stress plus the fact that I basically didn’t care how I looked or whether or not I ate healthy made the weight pile on. I was young and had no motivation or aspiration to make a change regarding my weight or my health.

I weighed 188 lbs after college. I was a bit alarmed so I tried to start working out. The first three days of working out was a struggle as I wasn’t used to it. I got so tired that after a few days, I just thought about drinking some diet supplements. So because of laziness, I started drinking and depending on those diet pills without any proper diet and exercise.

I never kept an eye on what I was eating. It was already too late when I realized that my weight just got more worst. I weigh 230 lbs or 104 kgs that time.

Moving forward, it was December 2012 when I finally decided to start my weight loss journey and be really determined about it. I enrolled myself in the gym and started working out at least 2 hours a day after my work. I started following a healthy meal plan every week and cooked my own food.

My Mom would also help me out by looking for some healthy recipes online and cook it for me to help me with my diet. So after a month, I checked my weight and I was so happy to see results. I went from 230 lbs to 221 lbs! It was just a small change but I know small changes can make a big difference.​

Today, I am very proud to share to everyone that within 2 years of exercise and diet, I went down from 230 lbs to 114 lbs. And during that time, I didn’t resort to drinking diet pills. Though it took me quite a long time, it made a big impact in my life as I didn’t just lose the weight–I made a lifestyle change. So there’s no need to rush things. Always do things slowly but progressively. And it’s never too late to start, especially if you start now.

Weight Loss Tips:

1. Eat Right. Cook your own food. Cooking your own food helps keep you on track with healthy eating.

2. Stick to a healthy diet plan every week and maintain 900 to 1,200 calories intake per day.

3. Avoid fast foods, processed foods, junk foods, and deep-fried dishes.

4. If craving for any sweets, replace chocolate bars or cupcakes with protein bars. There are actually a lot of protein bars today in the market with good macros. You can also find a lot of healthy recipes online and bake it yourself.

5. NEVER EVER STARVE YOURSELF! Remember, always eat healthy for energy.

6. Always have a motivation, determination or an inspiration. These 3 simple words will help you make changes.

7. No to “laziness”. Always move your body.

8. Sweat it out! Go to the gym or work out at home at least 3 times or 4 times a week. If you want better results you can also work out at least 6 times a week with a proper diet and good weight loss exercise program. Rest every Sunday.

9. Schedule a cheat day at least once every 2 weeks. Once a month is possible too! Cheating once a month is not that hard if you’re used to it. It depends on you. Reward yourself after a hard work you put in. You deserve it! Remember, “Cheat day” NOT “Cheat days”.

10. Never give up! Never ever forget the reasons why you started. Always be an inspiration to others. Always pray, stay humble and stay happy. 🙂

Got your own inspirational weight loss story? Send it in to thefatkidinside05@gmail.com with two before and after photos and 10 tips!

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