In 2010, I just finished college and was 5’9 and 165 lbs. I started working in a manufacturing company and that’s when I started having struggles with my weight.

The corporate world sure does things to your body. And I went from a fresh grad with a healthy BMI to an unhealthy one. I took to eating sweets and carbs whenever I was stressed and I only got bigger and bigger.

Soon it was too hard for me to get back to my previous weight and body and I was heartbreaking for me to have gained a whopping 20 kgs. But it wasn’t just the weight. I wasn’t as healthy as I once was.

John Gamboa Before and After

I felt out of breathe walking a few meters, and I always had palpitations. It even came to a point that I had difficulty breathing.

This struck me hard and I was afraid for my health. I knew I had to make changes for I might succumb to some sickness. This became my motivation to regain myself.

I started by setting down realistic weight goals, making small changes in my diet, and exercising. While I found it difficult to give up carbs and sweets and exercise, I always reminded myself of the horrible feeling of being unhealthy. And that I didn’t want to feel that way again so I needed to do my part.

I ate more veggies and fruits, drank a lot of water, cut back on sweet drinks as much as I could. I started running and biking—small distances first and gradually increased my distance and speed. I also chose taking the stairs that the elevator. I only used it when I had to rush for a meeting.

As I successfully attained my weekly goals, my will power and determination grew. It felt great to see results. In around 6 months, I went from 209 to 175 lbs and I didn’t palpitate or lose my breathe walking anymore. And it was a confidence boost to see myself in the mirror, knowing how much weight I’ve lost.

Right now, I’m still aiming for 165 lbs which was what I weighed after college. And after that, my next challenge is to maintain that weight. I know I can do it because not only did I lose weight, I gained a new healthy lifestyle as well.

Weight Loss Tips:

1. Keep in mind that you are doing the changes for yourself and not for anyone else.

2. Set realistic and attainable goals. This will drive your motivation more as you see successful results.

3. Know the science behind your body type. We all have different body types and with a little research, you can easily list down do’s and don’ts for your specific body type.

4. Spend time to note and list down what you eat on a daily basis and the kind of food you usually eat. Determine what needs to be reduced and eliminated from your diet.

5. Create a healthy food plan. I personally don’t restrict myself. I just take food in moderation.

6. Make exercise fun by joining races, cardio classes, or boxing. Me, I usually ran or biked with nature as my background so I won’t get bored.

7. Reduce unhealthy carbs and sweets. When you crave for it, do not deprive yourself. You can have some but make sure to have small servings only.

8. Do not skip meals. This will prevent you from overeating and unexpected cravings.

9. Take a lot of water. This will not just hydrate you but this will also cleanse you inside. Take a glass or two when you wake up in the morning before having anything in your stomach. Drink a glass of water before your meals.

10. Make sure to reward yourself for a job well done no matter how small or big the goal you attained.

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