My entire teenage years were not easy. I started gaining weight in high school and I got even bigger  in college. Food was easy source of happiness then. Strangely enough, I wasn’t a fan of sweets or chocolates and soda. I preferred to eat salty and fatty food-pork belly and pork crackling being my favorites. And it was totally normal for me to eat 4 cups of rice per meal.

Then I had Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC) where my heart would skip a beat (literally) and have non-stop palpitations.  I knew then than I had to make a change somehow.

I was 180 lbs at my biggest and was suffering from depression and anxiety so it was difficult for me to start at first. But alarmed at the possibility of my early death, I immediately signed up for Muay Thai classes near my area. It was the start of my weight loss journey.

The first few weeks were the worst! I wasn’t used to any much physical activity so it was quite challenging but I just kept at it until it became a regular thing to me. Next thing I knew, I had lost 20 lbs!

I became addicted to the adrenalin and how great I felt and did Muay Thai more and more. It’s true what they say, the feeling after a good workout is addicting and the weight loss is just an added bonus.

I’ve also supplemented my workouts by cleaning up my diet and making sure that I have at least one physical activity a day. So far, I’ve lost 60 lbs in total and still counting!

Weight Lost Tips

START NOW. Don’t wait for something bad to happen before starting on your journey. If you always tell yourself that you’re starting tomorrow, you will never get a chance to do it.

KNOW YOUR INTAKE. I know the diet aspect can be hard because Filipinos just love to eat. But try to experiment with your food. You don’t need to count the calories, just make it simple-portion your food and add fruit to every meal. Bananas or apples are good source of potassium to help for digestion. And don’t forget the greens!

DON’T DEPRIVE YOURSELF. The worst thing that you can do is to starve yourself. Remember to eat on time and just the right portions of food.

BE HYDRATED. Always make sure you’re hydrated. Drink lots of water. I love drinking fresh coconut juice every day. It became the best habit ever!

READ AND BE INFORMED. Read articles, blogs or other informative tools on health and fitness. You will be surprised on how this whole journey can lift up your interest and spirit.

DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. This one is a big cliché but interestingly, it is true and it works. Find something that you enjoy. Explore the possible routines or sports or activities that will make you get up every morning earlier than your usual wake up time. In my case, I found Muay thai, Boxing, biking and badminton.

NO SHORTCUTS. Again, another cliché but definitely true. Before I start my sport, I used a lot of slimming pills, herbal meds and other things that promise to give you a Victoria Secret body in no time. Well, let me tell you something, none of it is true! You will just regret every penny that you will spend.

SURVIVE THE FIRST FEW WEEKS. Expect a lot of soreness. Be prepared with Ibuprofen and menthol patches or whatever works for you. Trust me, if you survived the first two weeks, it’s so much easier from there.

HAVE A REGULAR CHECK UP. I personally think that having a regular visit with your doctor is very important. Especially for girls with regard to hormones, it is imperative that you have that checked because it affects your body and your appetite.

BE CONSISTENT. Once sports become part of your routine, it will eventually be your lifestyle. So, once you get used to it, do not let anything stop you from doing it. Otherwise, you will just be back on step one.

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