When I turned 8 or 9 years old, I started to develop a rather ‘healthy’ appetite that a year after, I’ve become a bit chubby. I didn’t pay much attention to it despite the fact that people would cal me names like “baboy” (pig), “taba” (fat), and other names you would associate with being fat. I would get angry every now and then, even resorting to kiddie fist fights. But after a while, I got used to it and simply embraced my “fatness.”

By the time I started college, I weighed 160 lbs at 5’5. To make it worse, I lived a sedentary lifestyle-playing computer games for hours at a time eating junk food and anything instant and processed. It wasn’t until almost the end of my senior year that I noticed that things were getting a bit out of hand. From 160ish lbs, I ballooned to a whopping 220lbs (100kg)!!

This was when I started to be conscious about my looks, and much more so health-wise. A couple of flights of stairs going to my classroom would make me a hot, sweaty mess, even before class or duty started. I couldn’t even reach my toes to cut my toenails! And my self-esteem took a hit, especially when dealing with girls. This was when I promised to myself that after graduation, I’m going to turn my life around.

So there I was, 21 years old, 220lbs, and fresh out of college. One of my mom’s graduation gifts to me was almost a year’s worth of membership to a local gym. When some of my peers found out, they started mocking me. Of course, one of the key aspects you need to pull anything off is confidence, trust in yourself, and a strong mindset, so I never let all those deter me. I made it a point that someday, I would eventually prove them wrong.

I set goals and expectations, planned my course of action, and executed. At first, the bulk of my workouts consisted of mostly cardio because I thought this would be one of the faster ways to shed off the pounds. I started eating healthier and smarter. A year later, I had already lost 60lbs. Slowly but surely, the small goals I initially set were all met, and I started to look on to bigger goals.

Weight loss was the easy part, I found out, and so the next phase would be adding muscle to my physique. By the time I was 23, I had already shed roughly 80lbs and started looking fit. I started to take running more seriously, joining fun runs at first and eventually doing half marys (21km). I also did a lot of outdoor activities like trekking, white water rafting, and wakeboarding. A couple of years later, one of my friends influenced me to take up swimming and cycling, which I ended up doing! Of course, it also helped that all my family, good friends, and girlfriend were very supportive with what I do.

Fast forward to the present, I’m 28 years old and I’m proud and happy to say that once I started my fitness journey, I never fell off the wagon. I’ve maintained my weight(138-140lbs) and shape since achieving them, all while setting and achieving new goals! In fact, I just recently finished my first triathlon! And it all started with the little goals I set for myself.

Weight Loss Tips

1. Know what the problem is and face it. Have the courage to admit to yourself that things need to change, and do something about it. This is when your life-changing journey starts.

2. More than anything, make sure you develop a strong mindset and confidence. Don’t let anyone get you down. Do your thing and let the result speak for itself. A strong mindset will help you persevere through all the negative things that might happen or what people might say.

3. Find your motivation. Then keep it! Trust me. nothing like a dose of inspiration and motivation to get you through the tough and tedious times.

4. Plan and set your goals and expectations. Be patient. Unless you’re having liposuction done, don’t expect super fast results. This is why a lot of people easily give up. Set small, achievable goals first, then move on to the next.

5. Manage your time well. Ahhh the dreaded ‘I just do not have enough time’ excuse. We’ve heard that a lot of times before. Try to organize and prioritize what you need to do to have a better chance of getting them done throughout the day. Multitask if you can. Just make sure the results doesn’t end up half-baked.

6. Research, study, ask questions.. LEARN. Try to read up and stock up on knowledge with regard to your diet and workout regimens. Also, be open to criticisms especially when experts point out that you might be doing something wrong.

7. Train smart not hard. Proper execution is a very vital part of working out. Make sure you perform things the safe and right way. Exhaustion and sweat doesn’t always equate to good results. Rest is also a big part of this. Do allow your body to recover properly in order to better perform the next time out and to prolong your health. Try changing up your workouts once in a while too. It sort of gives the body the shock it needs to avoid the dreaded plateau stage.

8. Eat smart. This includes making sure you incorporate more healthy options in your diet. Also, I always keep in mind to eat in moderation rather than starve myself to death (that is NOT dieting). Never deprive your body of the nutrients it needs, plus, it will just make you cranky if you don’t eat.

What I always try to convince myself with is to eat a little less today so that I could still eat more in the future. Food is your body’s fuel so make sure to load it with the good ones. Remember, what you eat now WILL have an effect to your health. It may not be right this moment or the next day, but surely sometime in the future, it will. Oh, and CHEAT DAY!!

9. Reward yourself. You’ve done well? Then pamper yourself! Go buy that new shirt you couldn’t wear before. Pig out after a big race! Get that swedish massage your beat up body has been asking for after that gut-busting crossfit session. After all the hard work you put in, pat yourself in the back and reap the rewards. You deserve it.

10. Embrace it. Own it. Make it your lifestyle. The more it becomes part of your daily routine, the less likely you are from going back to your old way of life. Find your passion. Do it with people you love. Do what makes you happy and it will surely go a long way towards living the good life.

Got a weight loss story of your own? Send it in to thefatkidinside05@gmail.com with 2 before and after photos and 10 tips!


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