I’m quite tall for an average Filipina. This led me to believe that I can eat anything I want since my height would compensate for my weight. To make it worse, every time I would ask my friends if I was getting fat, they would always respond with “hindi naman, matangkad ka naman.” (not really, you’re tall anyway.), which of course, didn’t help me at all.

Before and After

Being a fan of salty and sweet foods, fast foods are my haven. So when I started to work, most of my pay goes to food splurges. My everyday food is very unhealthy. I seldom eat vegetables or fish. Whenever we eat out, I would always opt for pork or beef. This is the very reason that after 2 years working, I was at 145 lbs.

Though I may not appear to look very fat, my BMI tells me that I was few pounds away from becoming overweight. People started to notice that my arms and tummy were getting bigger and bigger. Buying clothes also frustrated me because I became a size XL. I would always say I would go on a diet. But like most diet promises, it never came to action.

But this year was different. Something depressing happened to me and I came to a decision to improve myself. I started to eat clean. I lessened my intake of sugary drinks, oily, and sweet food. I started to eat vegetable and fish frequently. I enrolled myself in a gym and also did home workouts.

It was difficult at first. I couldn’t run on the treadmill for a minute or even do a proper plank for 30 seconds. It was so frustrating that I almost gave up. In between the frustrations, I almost found myself getting back to my old eating habits. But I stayed strong and continued with my journey. I started educating myself about food and exercise and made it a point to be disciplined in eating and working out.

And in less than a year of proper diet and exercise, I’m down to 125 lbs, almost near my target weight. And I’ve shifted my goal from weight loss to finding fun activities that will keep me active and healthy in the long run.

Weight Loss Tips

1. Self-motivation is the key. There is no other person in the world that can take care of your body better than you.

2. Eat in small portions. Overeating also makes you feel sleepy throughout the day.

3. Avoid sugary drinks. Substitute water or natural fruit beverages instead.

4. Always find time to work-out.

5. As much as possible avoid pork and beef. Choose fish and chicken instead.

6. Ignore negative comments. Some people will call you out because you are trying a different thing from what they are used to seeing you. What is important is that you know that it will be for the better you.

7. When eating out with friends/family, opt for the healthier options in the menu.

8. Read articles about food and exercise. Broadening your knowledge with these will make you more self-aware.

9. Monitor your progress. This will guide you on what to do next.

10. Reward yourself once in a while. This will help control you cravings and can serve as a motivation in your weight-loss journey.

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