When life knocks you down, it is always your choice to get back up.

It was in May of 2014 when my life seemed to take a nosedive. The end of my 6-year relationship devastated me big time because of the rather foul reason why it ended. Just. Like. That. While I will not go down the nitty-gritty of the breakup, I’ll say that we go through a lot of pain in life but we can always cope.

So how did I cope with that? To me, diversion is key. Easier said than done, but I had to do it because my job requires me to be keen and cautious all the time as I mainly deal will critical numbers. But after my 9-hour work day, I was always afraid of being idle as I’d have nothing to do but think of my breakup.

I was already a bit chubby then but after the breakup, my eating habits sort of spiraled out of control. I had used it as a diversion. And my friends started to ridicule me and make a reference for fatness that I decided I needed another diversion – one that would make me feel good about myself.

So I enrolled in a gym. I found doing so to be hitting two birds with one stone:

1) Going to the gym after work means no idle time right after work to be afraid of, plus it requires focus or else I’ll end up with a broken body part (last thing I need is another broken piece of me. #hugot)

2) It’s high time to get back into shape; after all, the everyday struggle of finding clothes that fit comfortably doesn’t help me!

So I began my daily routine of going to the gym. I ran a bit awkwardly on the treadmill at first but eventually, I found myself doing better at it. And it was quite challenging for me to a lot of the exercises as I was not naturally athletic but with the proper guidance, not to mention my personal determination, I found myself doing the exercises quite harmoniously.

I’ve had days when I was just totally sore but I kept telling myself, “no pain, no gain.” I considered giving up every now and then but when I started to see the hard work paying off, I found more reason to pursue my goal.

But I’m not going to lie. I wanted to lose weight so that when my ex would see me, he’s going to realize what a big mistake he did breaking up with me. But after working out for a while, I was surprised how the physical changes in my body also changed my perspective. And after a while, I wasn’t even mad.

I’ve reached the point where the pain (good pain) I get from the gym screams louder than the pain lurking in my heart. It was also quite rewarding for me that other people started to notice the new person I was becoming. The better person. The stronger person. The happier person. And more importantly, becoming an inspiration to the people around you.

So there’s more to life than a relationship. I may have started working out to get over a breakup but in the end you’ll realize that working out is actually an act of self-love. So amidst anything life throws at you, always love yourself in the process.

Weight Loss Tips

1. Keep moving. Period.

2. Drink tea! This is like an elixir for fast metabolism for me, not to mention its packed with antioxidants.

3. Stop drinking soda! 4. Invite friends/colleagues to the gym! Inspire and be an inspired. You’ll get more motivated to workout when you know that you inspire people and vice versa.

5. Take advantage of the rush hour traffic! Gets those feet walking!

6. Don’t spend money on slimming capsules or whatever sorts. Get physical! Exercise!

7. Drink lots of water!

8. Quit smoking. Duh. You don’t wanna end up losing your breath at the 2-minute mark(or less) of your run or whatever exercise you’re doing. Proper breathing is very important.

9. Come up with a good playlist! It can keep you focused, especially if the beat is really good that your body gets synced to it, like you’re not gonna stop your exercise until the song finishes.

10. Don’t give up! Remember why you’re doing this. Keep a motivational mantra, make it your phone wallpaper or post it on your workstation.Live it!

Got your inspirational weight loss story of your own?

Send it in to us at thefatkidinside05@gmail.com with 2 before and after photos and 10 tips!

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