We have all probably researched about the best type of workout, what to eat before or after working out, or where to workout. But have you ever taken into consideration the type of environment you should be in in order to get a good workout done?


With the situation that most of us are in now, working a corporate job and trying to squeeze in a workout at the gym before or after work (or even school!), most gyms have AC or are air-conditioned. Or even with the popular workouts and group classes that are available now, these are mostly air-conditioned as well. But have you ever wondered if working out with the air conditioner on is actually good for you and your health?


We all know that people have different kinds of preferences in workouts. Some prefer doing it in the morning rather than at night, others prefer dancing over the gym and more. The same goes for working out with the air conditioner on. There may be a lot of misconceptions about the pros and cons of working out with the AC on, but is it so harmful? Not really.


To better understand why it’s not harmful, here’s why:


Warming Up

If you have been working out in an air-conditioned gym or area, you may have noticed already that warming up your body could take longer than usual. And this is fine, as long as you warm up properly and you feel that your body is ready, then go ahead and do your workout for the day. But what is actually bad is when you just follow a guide without taking into consideration how cold it is, and not paying attention to your body is what is going to hurt you. Always remember that the key to a good workout is a solid warm-up. With your muscles warm and ready, you will be avoiding injuries and any other unwanted mishaps.


Working out and Sweat

It is a common misconception that as long as you are sweating, you’re already burning calories. Okay fine, even when we’re just sitting, we’re burning calories. But what we’re trying to say here is that the amount of sweat you produce does not equate to the amount of calories you are losing. Rather, equating sweat and toxins is more accurate: the more you sweat, the more toxins you release. So if your concern is whether or not you burn less calories in an air conditioned area, it does not matter. What matters is that type of workout you do, and how hard you work.


Cooling Down

It is true that your body cools down faster in an air conditioned room. So if you are in between rests, or taking a break, do make sure that you are still moving around to make sure that your muscles will not stiffen right away. Especially when you are working on lifting or even flexibility, your muscles can tear if these are not warm enough. And because the body cools down given the atmosphere, be sure to stretch right away after your workout to help keep the muscles flexible and minimise any soreness you will be feeling the next day.


The bottom line is, whatever you do in or out of an air-conditioned environment matters. The air-conditioner will not be the main factor of whether or not your workout is doing well for you. What matters is how you perform, how intense your workout is, and how long you are working out for are some of that factors what will give you the progress, strength, and the all-around good workout you are aiming for.






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