Even Valentine’s, an indulgent, romantic, and sultry day, can be diet-friendly! This dark chocolate and kale cake blends both the sexy and the healthy in one lovely dessert. 

Mention Valentine’s day and the first thing that will come to mind is chocolate. From cake to pralines, there’s a lot of variations but only a few are romantic, sexy and most importantly healthy enough to be served as a dessert.

For me, nothing beats having a dark decadent chocolate flourless cake to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I’ve made it into a healthier version by substituting traditional ingredients, using honey to sweeten and coconut oil for a moist and fudge-like texture.  I do love adding espresso powder when baking chocolate cakes as it adds depth to the flavor.  Lately, I also have been adding kale to everything for that extra boost of antioxidants and having it on this dessert is not an exception.

Try making this easy-to-make, yummy & paleo-friendly dessert this Valentine’s day.  Your date will positively love your thoughtfulness. 🙂

Kale and Dark Chocolate Paleo Cake

Kale and Dark Chocolate Paleo Cake
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