karton ph takes bazaars out of the box

Makati-based startup battles artisanal food cravings on the internet.

Nestled in the bustling creative center of Makati’s Poblacion district, Karton.ph is set on pleasing taste buds across the metro with its carefully curated selection of homemade and artisanal food.

Founded in the third quarter of 2016, Karton.ph is an online sales platform that lets users choose from an entire smorgasbord of specialty dishes — all ready to ship at a moment’s notice. The site features a diverse roster of sellers that range from long-time bazaar staples to aspiring home entrepreneurs, each one with its own distinct flavors and style.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty homemade meal or looking to spice things up with specialty sauces, the site has something for you. Karton.ph is split up into several categories that include sweets, beverages, meat, sauces, and snacks.

The brand rose to address an incredibly simple need. “Haven’t you ever had cravings? They’re the worst,” says Karton.ph’s Opreations Head, Shungo Senga. “There’s nothing worse than having a craving you can’t shake off. We all have days like that. This leaves us with an interesting opportunity.”

Seeing other areas of potential growth, Karton is also setting its sights on other markets. According to Senga, the site is looking to venture into non-food items in the very near future.

Karton.ph is currently life and formally launched last December 7 at the Lobo Filipino Tavern in Poblacion, Makati. “It’s a special day for all of us, so we’re celebrating with a pop-up bazaar featuring some of the sellers on our site,” Senga continues.

“We’re here for you and we know you’re all hungry.”

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