One of the best things about Christmas is that every household has a bunch of different dishes laid out 24/7 on the communal table in the kitchen. You know what i’m talking about. It ranges from fruit, to sweets, to savoury tarts. A constant reminder that these are the holidays and that you are allowed to get fat. Now, while i don’t condone getting fat, i do hope you are eating to your heart’s content (and that you are running 18km after to burn it all off)

If i lived in a big house (instead of a condo) and have lots of friends over all the time, these are the muffins i’d have lying around.

Grab one. Fat Kid Out.

Kinder Bueno Stuffed Cinnamon Sugar Coated Muffins

Directed by Sabz Bengzon
Shot by Nicky Daez, Sarie Cruz and Sabs Bengson (
Sound by Dru Ubaldo – Pointbee Multimedia
Edited by Sabz Bengzon
Music: Statues by Sound

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