Everybody loves a good sandwich. This Korean fried chicken sandwich brings together all the delicious elements of a good sandwich: a crisp chicken, piled high with condiments, a rich sauce, all enclosed in a fluffy brioche bun. If you don’t make a mess while eating this sandwich, you’re probably doing it wrong.

This sandwich is infused with Korean flavors in every bite, all the way down to the spread. Go big or go home, right? For this sandwich, you have your Korean fried chicken, with a kimchi mayo spread, drizzled with a bit of Korean chili sauce.

This flavor-packed sandwich is ready to eat in 15 minutes! It’s that simple.

This Korean fried chicken sandwich is crispy, savory, with just the right amount of heat!RECIPE● 4 boneless chicken…

Posted by Erwan Heussaff on Tuesday, 29 September 2020


How to Make Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich


● 4 boneless chicken thighs
● 1 cup buttermilk
● 2 cloves garlic
● 1/2 white onion, roughly chopped
● Gochugaru
● 1⁄2 cup all purpose flour
● 1 tsp garlic powder
● 4 brioche buns or potato buns
● Dill pickles
● Kimchi
● Japanese mayo
● Lettuce
● 1⁄4 cup ketchup
● 3 tbsp gochujang
● 1 tbsp honey
● 2 tsp mirin
● 1 tsp ginger
● 1 tbsp sesame oil


1. Place chicken thighs, buttermilk, garlic and onions in a ziplock bag. Let it sit in the fridge for 2 to 4 hours. Remove the chicken from the fridge 30 minutes prior to frying them up.
2. In a bowl, whisk APF, garlic powder, gochugaru, salt and pepper. Dip the marinated chicken in the flour mixture until the chicken is completely covered.
3. Dip the floured chicken in the marinate and then back to flour mixture again (crispies).
4. Heat the oil in a deep pot until it reaches to 350F. Fry chicken for 8 minutes or until cooked through.
5. Chop some Kimchi and place it in a bowl, add kewpie mayo and mix well. Add about 2 TBSP of kimchi juice, season to taste.
6. For the glaze, add ketchup, gochujang, honey, mirin, garlic and ginger to a small saucepan. Heat until sauce gets a light boil. Simmer for 4-5 minutes.
7. Toast buns and spread about 1 TBSP of Kimchi Mayo on the bottom bun. Lettuce next and then top with a piece of glazed fried chicken, pickle slices and a drizzle more of Kimchi Mayo.

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