landscapes episode 2 freshwater finds

Join me as I visit Ki Bathala Gardens and get a taste of what it means to live off the land.

For our second episode of Landscapes, I take a trip to the Ki Bathala Gardens in Talakag, Bukidnon. My guide and host, Swiss national Rene Kiefer, practices permaculture, a way of life and agriculture centered on working with the natural environment and its patterns rather than against it. It’s all about learning to grow with and within the jungle, and taking care of the earth so that it takes care of you.

Watch as I trek through the lush greens and fast rivers, as well as whip something up using the ingredients provided by Mother Nature herself.

Brought to you by our friends from McCormick.

Host and Writer: Erwan Heussaff
Director: Nicky Daez
Producer: Rielle Ramos
Editor: Adrielle Marie Martinez
Camera Operators: Jiro Orduna, Nicky Daez
Sound Engineer: Lloyd Elvina

Special thanks to:
Ki Bathala Gardens…
Ground Bravo Studios…

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