Macadamia-Kauai Coffee Fudge Bars

Here’s a recipe that brings back memories of Hawaii. Made with Hawaiian flavors, this recipe is a notch above your usual fudge brownie.

I recently came back from my honeymoon in Hawaii and my husband and I have been going through some vacation withdrawals. We’ve been cooking dishes we’ve tried there, drinking coffee we bought there, and I’ve been baking desserts and snacks that remind us of our amazing time in Hawaii. This is one of those recipes that I made incorporating ingredients we brought back.

Hawaii is synonymous to the macadamia nut. They’re everywhere.  The locals call it the macnut and they use this in all their desserts just like the French use almonds. We visited a Macadamia Nut Farm and it was the first time for me to see and try fresh macadamia.

We’re also big coffee drinkers and hubby works in the industry so we visited a couple of coffee plantations. It’s nice to see where the coffee we drink comes from. We brought back a few pounds of coffee from this plantation called Kauai Coffee. Can you believe this farm produces 60% of the coffee consumed in the US? I fell in love with their Vanilla Macadamia Coffee which I used in this recipe to highlight the macnut flavor. But you can use other types of coffee for this recipe as well.

Macadamia-Kauai Coffee Fudge Bars

Macadamia-Kauai Coffee Fudge Bars


(Recipe adapted from Ready for Dessert, My Best Recipes by David Lebovitz)
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