Maginhawa has no shortage of great places to eat, but food trucks and container vans turned into diners and cafes? That’s a first! This Food Park is practically less than a month old but has been steadily attracting masses of students from nearby universities, residents of the area, and off-the-eaten-track food lovers.

Open from 5pm to as late as 2pm from Tuesdays to Sundays, Maginhawa StrEAT brings all kinds of people with a common passion for good vibes and great food in one big backyard party every night.

Streat Night

Maginhawa StrEAT has 11 tenants in total and while I’d love to tell you all about in one post, I’ve decided to divide it into two entries for the benefit of our readers. I mean who’d want to keep scrolling and reading an incredibly long blog entry? Besides, I can’t possibly hold your attention for that long!

So here’s part 1 of your comprehensive guide to everything about Maginhawa StrEAT. And watch our for part 2 TOMORROW!

The Grape Escape

TGE Food

Run by three wine-loving friends, this laid back “inoteca” (wine bar) aims to bring wine to the masses, so to speak. And with an array of wine selections ranging from classy to “entry-level” that are sourced by an Italian sommelier, they are doing just that. But no stuffy wine snobs here! The Grape Escape is a place to kick back and relax—just with a fancy crystal glass of wine (Php155-165 a glass) in hand.

TGE Carbonara

And paired with their classic Italian dishes like Pizza Margarita (Php350 for a 14-inch pie), Pasta Carbonara (Php198) or even a cheese platter (price depending on the selection of cheese), The Grape Escape will soon make a wine lover out of you. I’m sure it made a blue cheese lover out of me with just a sip or two, or okay, a swig of chardonnay.

Bricks and Copper

Bricks and Copper

Pinoys love kebab and shawarma, but have you tried Turkish kebab and shawarma? Bricks and Copper, a family-owned establishment, has been operating from a place in Shaw Boulevard for years, offering authentic Turkish and halal fare. Their best sellers include Pita Doner, (Php90) or what may be more known to us as shawarma. But unlike your typical shawarma, Bricks and Copper uses a mix of beef and lamb for their doner and stuffs them into their homemade pita bread that’s baked in their in-house brick oven.

BC Food

Also try their kofte or ground beef and lamb kebab (Php120) and for a heavier meal, their Iskender kebab (Php250) which is sliced beef and lamb atop pita, and smothered with their special Iskender sauce. Served with homemade yogurt, it’s a taste of Turkey in StrEAT. Don’t forget to try their baklava, pastry made of layers of filo with nuts and honey, for a sweet yet light end to your Turkish meal.

Saucy Food MNL

Saucy Food MNL

Rice bowls are popular options for Pinoys because it combines two of our favorite staples, rice and a saucy meat viand. And with Saucy Food MNL’s variety of meats and delicious sauces atop dirty rice and your veggie stir-fry, your quick and budget-friendly lunch just got a whole lot better. For only Php95, you get a heaping bowl full of rice, your choice of meat (crispy pork strips, fried chicken cutlets or beer-battered fish), and veggies drizzled with their special sauce and a drink!

SFM Food

Don’t know which sauce to get? Try their kewpie for some savory garlic-sesame flavor. If you like it a bit sweet and tangy, their one of a kind Cajun-inspired cackalacky sauce will do the trick. For spice lovers, the burning tomato, which is both sweet and spicy, will burn your tongue in all the right ways. They also have teriyaki sauce and for those who want something extra hearty, their cheesy garlic sauce needs no introduction.

Magpie Café


No food park would be complete without a coffee joint, and Magpie is one that offers “happiness in every mug.” Serving special hand-brewed coffee from Benguet beans, this Korean-themed café aims to promote our local beans in the cutest way possible—just check out their fun and quirky interiors! Named after a bird from Korea that symbolizes joy and good luck, Magpie Cafe will sure perk you up with each cup of brew (Php100).

Shaved IceWaffles and Coffee

But if you’re not much of a coffee drinker, Magpie also boasts their desserts. Try their best-selling Nokcha (green tea) bingsu shaved ice (Php150)—refreshing with just the right level of sweetness and large enough for 2-3 people. If you want something more substantial, then try their waffles (Php150) or their Mug Pie (see what they did there?) which comes in salted caramel and chocolate mousse (Php100). Soon, they’re coming out with savory meals like bulgogi sandwiches and even a Korean Fried Chicken and Waffles. Definitely something to look out for.

Endless Summer

Endless Summer

If you’re like me, I’m sure you can’t go on a summer vacation to the beach on a whim. This is exactly the reason the guys behind Endless Summer has brought summer to the city with their all-year round beach fare and tropical vibe. You won’t miss their stall—it’s the one blasting music from Jack Johnson and 311 and sending out colorful fruit smoothies with twisty straws. Operating since 2013 from a garage in Area 2 in UPD Campus, it has now expanded to this swankier version, complete with beach signage and surfboard shaped tabletops.

Garlic Chicken

Endless Summer serves food you’d normally eat at the beach. Try their Combi Sisig (Php90) which is a combination of pork and chicken. It’s a good option for those who may be squeamish about pig innards as this version has the flavor of pork but the texture of chicken. Another best seller is the Buffalo wings (Php85) which comes in original recipe and hot. But don’t leave without trying their specialty Garlic Chicken with rice (Php95). Marinated in a special garlic sauce and then seasoned with garlic breading, it packs a full savory garlicky punch. Wash it down with their choco banana or strawberry mango smoothie and get transported to a tropical holiday.

Watch out for Part 2 of this Maginhawa StrEAT Roundup TOMORROW for great burgers, sweet treats, soul food, and more! Have you been to StrEAT? Tell us about it!

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