This chocolate pudding spruced up with malted milk has a slight rosated flavor that can be eaten alone or as base to chocolate mousse tarts.

By Carmela Villegas-Agosta

Malted Milk Powder is the stuff of my childhood memories. When I was growing up, this powder was not available in the Philippines and even Maltesers were hard to find. So we would hoard this whenever we would travel and bring it home. Nowadays, they are pretty much everywhere.

For those who don’t know what malted milk is, it’s a mixture of evaporated milk, barley and wheat flour and created as a dietary supplement for infants. Later on, Americans started consuming this product for fun and was found mostly in Soda Fountain Shops.

In the recent years, we have been finding this powder in various dessert menus because of the special flavor that comes from Barley which gives a slight roasted flavor.

For this dessert, I tweaked my regular chocolate pudding recipe and added chocolate malted milk. It’s very easy to make. I like to eat it alone but also like to use it as a base of my chocolate mousse tarts.

Hope you enjoy making this dessert!

Malted Chocolate Milk Pudding

Malted Chocolate Milk Pudding
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