Lumpia wrappers are the one of the most versatile ingredients in Filipino cuisine. You can find them in savoury lumpia, or in desserts like turon. These wrappers, despite their popularity, are found pre-made in many supermarkets. It’s much more convenient to buy a pack of lumpia wrappers than make them yourself, but I decided to go for the real deal.

In the Farmer’s Market in Cubao, there’s one stall that makes freshly made lumpia wrappers daily. The Peñaflor Lumpia Wrapper stall is the only stall of its kind in Metro Manila. Dough is balled up on one hand then slapped onto piping hot griddles, leaving a thin, delicate layer of lumpia wrapper behind. These paper-thin yet strong wrappers are then stacked and packed into nondescript plastic bags. You see no trace of the Peñaflor name once you buy and take the wrappers home, but as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Freshly made lumpia wrappers just add that extra oomph to a classic dish.

I just knew I had to get some and make one of my favorite merienda/dessert dishes ever: banana langka (jackfruit) turon. Despite the rainy season approaching, the weather is hotter than ever here in Manila! So, what better way to beat the heat than to pair my banana langka turon with ice cream? It’s a match made in heaven.

Watch my video below so you can get to making one of the best Filipino inventions ever:

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