For Pig Out Day 3, i asked for the ultimate Pork Pig Out Dish. However, i didnt find a suggestion that was Pig-Out-Y enough (sad face). Everyone asked for recipes that are easily found on the internet by just typing a few key words, what i’m really looking for is a mouth watering, dream enducing, ultimate fat kid food dream.

Something fried, sweet, salty, with chocolate, nay nutella and of course, some Bacon.

So i mashed, fried, chopped and spooned my way through this recipe, ate 3 pieces, and lied down on my bed in pure utter gluttony and satisfaction (and i cried a little). Enjoy Friends. I’m counting on you for the next Pig Out Day! I figured out what my prizes will be too!

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Take 4 large ripe bananas and mash them to a pulp. Fry 5 LARGE slices of prime bacon until well crispy. Add the chopped bacon to the bananas. Add 1 egg, 1/2 cup flour, 1tsp of vanilla essence, 1 tsp of baking powder, 1/4 cup mascarpone. Mix. In a deep skillet (or better yet a deep fryer) try to get some Simply Canola Oil up to about 350 Fareheit. The hotter the oil, the less oil is going to be absorbed by the dough. So the hotter the better. Take a tbsp or small ice cream scooper and drop in a mound of batter, one at the time. Once one side is brown, turn and wait until the colour is the same on both sides. Drench on paper towels. Before serving dust with a little bit of flake salt and some powder sugar and eat with nutella with sea salt.

Unbuckle the belt.


Regarding the oil, DeepFrying requires high heat cooking, therefore you want something that can hold that heat. The issue with oil is how it reacts to heat and what its composed of; like i’ve explained better, evoo is healthy until you put heat to it (high smoking point), then it becomes terrible for you. Asian food will usually call for peanut or vegetable to cook with, however there is an equivalent that is much healthier for you: Canola oil. Its full of good for your heart fats and is rich in Omega 3s, reducing risks of heart diseases (possibly). the Canola Oil i use is from the brand SIMPLY. Its refined from 100% natural canola seeds only from the best sources. You can buy it in most supermarkets.


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