A good taqueria is very hard to find in the country. Hacienda Comida y Cocteles is one of the few places in Manila where you can get a real delicious Mexican Taco. Don’t take my word for it; the Mexican Ambassador himself exclaimed it upon trying the place out. My other go to taco place is Lo De Alberto in City Golf Plaza, Pasig.

Because of work, my life now revolves in the four corners of Bonifacio Global City. It is the current center of everything and anything hip and happening. Finding a good spot for a tasty authentic taco, paired with ice cold beer is a treasure in itself.

The restaurant came forth through the owners’ vacation through Mexico, falling in love with the culture, people and most definitely food. They brought this burning passion to the country instead of opening the same concept and idea in Canada.

A true taqueria prides themselves with making their own homemade taco shells. Hacienda Comida y Cocteles imports most of their ingredients still, just to provide that authentic taste and texture Mexicans know and grew up with.

The restaurant offers a very short list of menu for their “hot” food items. This is fast becoming trend to newer restaurants, and something I totally understand and appreciate. I was focused on ordering two things on the menu, their authentic-style Mexican Menudo, and obviously, their Taco.

A Mexican Menudo is akin to being more a soup rather than stew, comparing it to what most Filipinos knows of a Menudo. Hacienda’s version has the typical Tripe, Hominy, Onions, Lime, and Oregano. Though the broth base they used is more flavourful than what’s typically served in most Mexican restaurants in Manila. Something that I appreciate a lot!

Their Taco on the other hand is packed with meat, as compared to slivers served in some Mexican restaurants. However, their homemade taco shell really stole the spotlight. Full-flavored maize based wrapper, perfectly thin, and rightfully elastic.

I was already full to my brim when I finished my lunch at Hacienda, though I tell you… never leave the place without trying out their Homemade Habanero Pepper Sauce, and Tres Leches Cake.

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