The simple moments in life are those that always start with a hint of a smile at the corner of your lips, the building of a merry mix of comfort and anticipation from deep within and an unexplainable automatic reflex of closing your eyes to better enjoy the fleeting feeling for a moment longer. Food does this to me regularly, takes me by the hand and guides me through different emotions and feelings. A toasted piece of bread with butter, sea salt flakes bathed in organic honey, or the simple chocolate shell crack of a Magnum Bar (check out their new cappuccino flavour), the smell of sizzling meat on a hot grid, the filled void after a simple bowl of well cooked white rice, a lemon olive oil dressing on freshly picked arugula or even just Nutella and crackers; all these dishes create singular memories that long to be repeated. I remember recipes because of them.

Some eggs, fresh fruit and a little liqueur put together make for a French Custard Cake Favourite of mine: A Clafoutis. I don’t remember where I tasted this for the first time, nor with who or where, but I remember the taste and even years after it can still linger on if I focus on it enough. I recreate it here in hopes to jolt my brain and maybe find out that my grandmother first made this for me in her country home at the tip of Brittany as I sat wide eyed gripping at the cloth salivating in excitement or maybe it was the time I fell down and scratched my knee on the pavement after not listening to my mom telling me to slow down and the only way she could quiet my concern was with a spoonful of this simple dessert; in truth I have no idea, but the journey is all part of the fun.

Mixed Boozy Berry Pistachio Crusted Clafouti

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