I was recently on a trip to France with my sister Solenn for a wedding, and we only had two full days in Paris before heading to the south. I decided to shoot a vlog and show you guys the Parisian food scene and what I usually look for when I’m in the city.

Here’s the full list of my Must Eats in Paris, which is a mix of cheap and expensive.

Restaurants (reservations recommended)

  1. Semilla
  2. Septime
  3. L’Ami Jean
  4. Saturne
  5. Clown Bar
  6. Chateaubriand
  7. Frenchies
  8. Sylvestre
  9. Histoire par Mathieu Pacaud
  10. Restaurant Pages
  11. Jean Francois Piege
  12. Elmer
  13. Les Affranchis
  14. Kei
  15. Les enfants rouges
  16. Dersou

Walk-ins or Call Ahead

  1. Detour
  2. Bonhommie
  3. Racine Des Pres
  4. Ellsworth
  5. Fulgurances
  6. Divellec
  7. Tomy & Co
  8. Chez La Vielle
  9. Lazare
  10. Bel Ordinaire
  11. Balagan
  12. Vivant
  13. Servan
  14. Belle Maison
  15. Breizh Café (crêpes)
  16. Frenchies To Go
  17. Septime La Cave
  18. Clamato (seafood)
  19. Avant Comptoir and Avant Comptoir de la Mer
  20. Istria (oysters)
  21. Marée Jeanne (seafood)

Late Night

  1. Babylon Bis (chicken)
  2. Le grand café des capucines (NOTE: I wouldn’t recommend this during the day, but this is one of the places in Paris that are open 24 hours, so it’s perfect for late night steak frites or seafood platters)

Cocktail Bars

  1. Cafe Moderne
  2. Candelaria
  3. Dirty Dick
  4. Le Syndicat
  5. Le Calbar
  6. La Commune
  7. Danico
  8. Glass
  9. Le Mary céleste
  10. Prescription cocktail club

Wine Bars

  1. Les Arlots
  2. Baratin


  1. Telescope
  2. Ten Belles
  3. Hardware Societe


  1. Grand Cœur
  2. Thoumieux (touristy, but classic)
  3. Lipp
  4. Au pied de cochon (touristy, but classic)


  1. Fromagerie Violaine
  2. Practically every Sunday or Saturday, there are produce markets around the city that you can visit


  1. Marche des enfants rouges (pretty much open daily)
  2. Bastille (Thursday, Saturday, Sunday)
  3. President Wilson (Wednesday and Saturday)


  1. Abri
  2. L’As du Falafel

Roast Chicken

  1. Coq Rico

Bakeries and Boulangerie

  1. Mokonuts
  2. Patisserie Yann Couvreur
  3. Pierre Herme
  4. Jacques Genin
  5. Le Grenier a Pains (bread)
  6. L’eclair de genie
  7. Christophe Michalak
  8. Boulangerie Bichon
  9. Hubert Trevisse (baguette)
  10. Chocolaterie Cyril Lignac
  11. pain pain
  12. karamel

Ice Cream

  1. Berthillon

Watch my vlog below:

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