Native Chickens and Food Security - Landscapes Episode 3

Thousands of Filipinos, farmers to boot, live without food security. In this episode of Landscapes, I meet Moses, learn about organic backyard farming, and cook up my version of shakshouka with native chicken.

Despite being a country so dependent on agriculture, thousands of Filipinos live without food security. This isn’t the case only in urban poor areas– farmers and their families often don’t know when they’re going to be able to get their next meal.

In this episode of Landscapes, I wanted to tackle this issue and see what we can do to ease the burden on the people we depend so much on for our food. I took a trip to see Moses, an organic farmer who started his sustainable way of living in his own backyard. I also cook up my take of shakshouka, but this time serve it on the side of some native chicken.


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Host and Writer: Erwan Heussaff
Director: Nicky Daez
Producer: Rielle Ramos
Editor: Adrielle Marie Martinez
Camera Operators: Jiro Orduna, Nicky Daez
Sound Engineer: Lloyd Elvina

Special thanks to:

CT Nature Foods

Ground Bravo Studios

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