If you are a busy person, constantly on the go, with thousands of thoughts in your mind and slashes in your profession, you will eventually succumb to the pressures of eating tuna from a can.

I have absolutely nothing against canned tuna but the quality varies greatly with the brand that produces it. Unlike other canned meats (corned beef, vienna sausage, spam…), the product here is usually very faintly altered. The process is quite simple: These massive fishing boats have impressive frozen storage areas that keep the whole fresh fish frozen to the core, these are then thawed and inspected for quality, cleaned and pre-cooked or steamed. The fish is then cleaned once more before being separated: the loins will be used for the premium stuff and the rest for the chopped styles. This is when the brand comes into play as they will have their own preferences of oils, spices, styles, etc. Moreover the fish itself may vary, you will see names like Yellowfin, Albacore, Bluefin, etc, plastered on labels (but Albacore is the only one that can be considered white meat).

Canned tuna is a great alternative to any meal, because its packed with good nutrients and muscle-building protein, but it has gotten a bad reputation in the past years because of rising mercury level (affecting most seafood) and the sustainability of its fishing is usually questioned. However I am not an expert on any of those subjects, so all I can say is don’t over do it (lets keep it to 2-3 cans a week) and, as much as possible, buy from companies that practice sustainable fishing. On the weight loss side, stick to the “pure” styles, those that just conserve the fish in brine or good olive oil, because the more intricate the flavour, the more ingredients have been added, the more calories for your little belly ( i use little as a term of endearment).

So with all the above health benefits, why the hell do you put 4 tablespoons of store bought, fat filled, sugary sweet, mayonnaise in the mix, add in some sweet gherkins and lather the whole thing on square white bread????

If you are going to eat a tuna sandwich, a staple in any households, try your hand at a healthier alternative.

The Better Tuna Sandwich

Start off with half an avocado as your base, mashed up real well with the help of extra virgin olive oil. add in some very finely diced: a quarter of a red onion, 2 thumbs size celery sticks, tomato skins and a little bit of chopped apple. To that add in a can of Tuna kept in olive oil. Taste the whole thing then season.

Toast a nice nutty whole grain bread and spread a tiny teaspoon of Dijon mustard on top. Load it with your tuna mix, maybe a little greens, some salt, some pepper and some lightly shaved aged parmesan.

And then add some mayonnaise.

I’m obviously kidding.

But if you do like mayonnaise, i myself love the stuff, make it yourself. It’s so easy: egg yolks + olive oil + seasoning + a strong whisking arm. Use sparingly. A teaspoon will do the trick.

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