February draws many sorts of sweetness. Be it the literal melt-in-your-mouth type of sweet or the more figurative cheesy-schmeezy kind, it’s all well and good as long as you share it with good company.

While the latter maybe a stretch for some, the former is much easily satisfied. With all the good cafés and confectioneries around, it’s hard not to find a good place to sit down and indulge on a piece of pastry or cuddle with a comforting cake.

Since we’re all about going off-the-eaten-track, we ventured away from Starbucks and Seattle’s Bests and tried out a place more grounded on serving its neighbors good food and sweet endings to their meals.

We went to Kingspoint Subdivision in Novaliches, Quezon City and tried out a place called Corretto Caffé from a lead shared by a good friend (Thanks again teacher Joy!). She said the place served cakes and desserts “to die for.” While I don’t normally believe in hyperbolic descriptions, we didn’t argue because we were still riding a sweet V-day hang-over.

And because this was the day immediately after Valentines’, there was only one cake left on the café’s cooler, a luscious Moist Chocolate Cake just sitting there like a teen left alone on prom night waiting to get swept off her feet. Of course, we were willing to play the part.

Aside from a curious craving for sweets, we also brought a furious appetite which we calmed with a serving of Linguini Marinara in Olive Oil, Sweet & Spicy Chicken, and a hearty Cottage Pie. We also ordered Strawberry Crepe for good measure.

The savories did the job because the three dishes together offered layers of flavors that piqued the palate on queue. The serving of Linguini Marinara in Olive Oil (Php170) was moderate but it had its fair share of seafood in it including squids, shrimps, clams, and muscles. The dish was light, with clean and balanced flavors, which makes it perfect for gentle eaters.

Smothered in stark red sauce served with colorful seafood rice on the side, the Sweet & Spicy Chicken (Php168) was a fiesta on a plate. Each bite of the chicken fillet hit the right notes every time with its sweetness followed by spicy aftertastes that get the appetite going.

The Cottage Pie (Php138) brought full-on flavors with its ground meat in red sauce covered with a thick crust of mashed potato and topped with bacon bits. Served on a deep dish, the cottage pie hits it home with its rich meat complemented by the thick mash with hints of sharp cheese in between. Enjoy every bit of the flavor by sopping up excess oil with the garlic bread sides.

Our meal’s clincher came in two waves, the Strawberry Crepe (Php160) and a slice of their Moist Chocolate Cake (Php120). Digging into both desserts was an adventure. The crepe looked like a landscape straight out of LOTR with its rich strawberry syrup seeping into the crepe’s folds while the scoop of vanilla ice cream slowly melted away like Mt. Doom spilling lava into the cracks bellow. I would’ve preferred fresh strawberries but the jam worked well because it gave the dish a sweeter taste and a subtle tang.

The Moist Chocolate Cake was rich and well… moist. The alternating layers of sponge and ganache kept each bite interesting without being cloyingly sweet. The slice was served on top of caramel syrup which broke the chocolate’s richness.

Both sweets deserved a hot drink to wash down with and a hot mid-sized cup of Café Latte (Php120) was perfect for the job.

Corretto Caffé is a nice, quiet spot that serves locals with a healthy mix of savory and sweet items. Too bad we weren’t able to sample more of their famous cakes. But in a way it turned out fine because it gives us more reasons to come back and try the rest of their delightful desserts.

Corretto Caffé is located along Katipunan Avenue, Kingspoint Subdivision, Barangay Bagbag, Novaliches, Quezon City.

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