You know how i like to make some sinful recipes somewhat better for your meal? Well for the next couple of weeks, i paired up with the Philips Air Fryer to better some recipes for you that would usually be deep fried in greasy oil.

Here is our first recipe. A quick and simple Parmesan Fries recipe that is so popular in restaurants nowadays. We keep the usual fatty suspects of cheese and bacon, but we make it better by not deep frying the potatoes. You keep some of the indulgence without having to give in all the way. Sometimes the little victories in life make it worth it 🙂
Air is the new oil.

Also, make sure to grab yourself and Airfryer so you can keep up with this series and watch until the end of the video! We have a contest for you. Win and i will cook for you and your friends!!

Just submit your Airfryer recipe on my facebook, and use the hashtag #tfkiairfryer when all the videos have been shown, it will mark the end of the contest and we will choose a winner!

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