When I lived abroad I for months or even years without ever being able to come back to the Philippines for a visit, I would always crave certain foods. Tapa, Tocino, Kare Kare, Lumpia, Bangus, all foods that I could actually make myself, but would simply not taste the same if eaten abroad. I know, weird.

One of the dishes I especially looked forward to was a warm, soft pandesal (local sweet bread bun) filled to the brim with chopped smoked ham with that sweet and salty flavour profile I grew up with, plain or topped with a fried egg, this was one of those dishes that upheld simplicity but brought with it a complexity of emotions. The deadly combination is straight forward, good smoked ham and a killer sauce. Something that you could enjoy every day.

However, I was always disappointed when I came home and there was no good fiesta ham available, just because it wasn’t the season for it. What Season? Isn’t pork always available? Well now, one of my favourite brands came out with one that can be eaten all year long: PUREFOODS FIESTA HAM® Smoked Boneless.

This got me thinking; we are used to eating it with pandesal, a sweet sauce or maybe some potatoes, so why not show you another way to enjoy your ham?

Party” Ham Cordon Bleu with Cerveza Negra Pineapple Sauce

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