Alcohol is just one of those things can quickly turn from being your friend to foe. Just look back at all the times “just one drink” turned to a maddening hangover the next day. While I’ve gone from drinking cocktails to coffee during night outs, there are people who just can’t live without their one bottle or glass a day and those who reserve all the alcohol and merrymaking on the weekends.

I like drinking as much as the next guy but the question is, is it healthier to drink alcohol everyday or only of weekends?

According to our friends at Greatist, there’s controversy over just how great alcohol really is for you, there’s plenty of research that points to it being more of a boon than a bummer. That said, less is definitely more: Having one drink or half a drink fairly regularly does seem to reduce the risk for heart attack, stroke, and diabetes, says Moore. Drinking moderately may also boost your brain health—one study suggests that it helps protect against dementia. And it may up your dating game too: Having a single glass of wine (but no more) may make you appear more attractive to other people—seriously, it’s science!

They make a pretty good case for alcohol. For Pick of the Week, check out the entire article here and find your healthiest game plan on booze.

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