For Pig Out Day 3 I asked for you to get crazy sexy cool with pork. Some of you came close but nothing seemed decadent enough.

So I thought let’s get sexy with Pork Belly (and tocino)

I have a love affair with tocino. It used to be my go to dish after a “difficult” night out. The fat in the dish and the counterbalance of the caramelised sweetness, dipped in some strong white vinegar with chilli, sent and still sends food chills down my back (tongue).

So without further ado, let us welcome the beauty of your dieticians death on a plate.

Take 2 pieces of pork belly about 15 cms long and slice them in 2 cm pieces. Marinate with a garlic paste (6 crushed garlic with salt) smother over the meat. press each piece in one massive tbsp of brown sugar (coating both sides). place in two different zip lock bags with 2 tbsp of soy sauce each. Marinate for 48 hours.


48 hours of torture later…….(dont cheat!!) Put the two pieces, along with all the juice, in a snug pan and cover with chicken stock and 2 tsp of paprika powder. Let simmer (little tiny bubbles) for an hour or until the juices slowly look thicker. At this point you want to increase the heat, to force out the water and make the glaze become even thicker and have stick to the meat more. This is the caramelisation of all the sugar. Remove from heat once a nice almost black colour has formed. (don’t burn it!).

Serve with some brown rice or paos covered with chopped spring onions and dipped in some vinegar infused with red chillis.

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