Apologies for the absence last week, with the torrential rains and all the floods inflicting the country it just didn’t seem right to distract people with a new blog post. I hope all of you came out of the ordeal safe and that you will be sheltered for the upcoming typhoon.

I was talking to a friend the other day who is trying to bulk up and reap massive muscle gains in the next few months. He was complaining that he was getting tired of chicken breast and that other options (turkey, bison…) we’re just not feasible. I asked why he hasn’t started eating more fish, pork or beef. HE answered he didn’t like seafood and was put off by the fat content of pork and beef. I said he was wrong and only when I was able to Google up the facts did he finally believe me.

Are you one of those who believe pork and beef are unhealthy protein alternatives?

Well, you are just a tad bit wrong and I’m not going to go into a lengthy explanation telling you why that is, I’ll just let the numbers speak:

(Below info is for a 4oz. serving =~ 150 grams. Numerical values are approximate)
– Chicken Breast: 184 cal. 4g fat. 30g protein.
– Chicken Thighs: 130 cal. 7.2g fat. 18g protein. (denser in nutrients and more flavour)
– Pork Chops: 101 cal. 6.3g fat. 10.4 g protein. (Has more selenium than chicken or beef)
– Beef Sirloin Tip Side Steak: 206 calories. 5.4g. 39g protein.

First of all, what you need to remember, as we discussed it previously in this previous post (http://thefatkidinside.com/healthy-eating/got-supplements-5-salmon-oil/ ), fat isn’t the enemy and it can actually help in weight loss. Therefore, with amounts less than 10grams/serving, these are all acceptable amounts. Now what we want to look at is the protein/calorie ratio. The clear winner amongst winners here is the Beef Sirloin Tip Side Steak. For 100 calories, you get (approximately) 19.5 grams of protein. Whereas for 100 cals of chicken breast, you get 16.6 grams of protein.

All I’m trying to say is that you don’t need to stuff yourself with chicken breast all the time, there are other alternatives. All it takes is a little research and some imagination.

Here is my to go to Pork Chop recipes that’s packed with protein, good for you fats, a little carbs, lots of selenium, fibre, vitamins and antioxidants.


Pork Chop with Apple Mango Salsa and Brussel Sprouts

something went wrong with the sound, so please bear with me 🙂

To make enough chutney for 2 servings: Chop up half an apple (no skin), a whole mago (meat only), 1 tsp of ginger and ½ onion. Cook in a sauce pot with butter and a generous tbsp of cider vinegar, 1tsp of lemon juice, a dash of turmeric, salt and pepper. Reduce on medium low until the apples are cooked through.

I used frozen Brussel sprouts here since that was all I had in my fridge that day. Take them out frozen and place them in a saucepan with a little bit of water and slowly defrost them. When they are defrosted crank up the heat add some olive, salt and pepper and get them nice and brow.

Take your pork chop out and bring it down to room temp. Season both sides generously and sear in a pan with neutral oil (grapeseed – just put a tsp and wipe it down with a napkin), for 4 mins either side, until cooked and still very slightly pink and juicy. 1 mins before taking it out of the pan throw in a handful of very finely chopped parsley and 1tsp of chopped garlic.

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