Many people find themselves eating from time to time even if they are not really hungry. While eating on impulse is normal, it is still best to hold back from consuming too much food as this may only cause guilt and depression on your part. Aside from that, this may also have a negative effect on your health. Sure, there are a lot of temptations especially during special occasions, but you still should know your limits. Binge eating will only sabotage your workout routines and you will find it very hard to succeed in your fitness goals.

If you are struggling from binge eating and are looking for ways to get over it, read on:


  • Have Cheat Meals

If you find it hard to stick to your diet, it is advised to have cheat meals from time to time. Doing this will make it easier for you to adjust to the new lifestyle that you are taking in. Dieting is hard because you only limit yourself to a specific amount of calories per day and it’s more dangerous than helpful to eat less or not eat at all. You will feel more sluggish and tired than energised. Having cheat meals will help boost your metabolism and it will be easier for you to lose weight because you’ll be able to burn more if you eat more (food converts into energy!) Yes, skipping meals or eating less will only result into binge eating. But don’t take this opportunity to go all out as you still have to limit your food intake. Remember: only cheat meals, not cheat day/s!



  • Have A Positive Outlook

It is important to have a positive outlook at times because it can help reduce your binge eating habits. Being too anxious about things will only lead to stress-eating and that is not a healthy thing to do. Don’t feel pressured about losing weight or getting fit immediately, as it will only make you feel stressed and unkind to yourself when you feel like you can’t succeed. When you are optimistic, you will slowly but surely be able to reach your goal.



  • Plan Your Meals

It is necessary to plan your meals ahead of time because it is a great step for people who can’t control their eating habits. If you are following a certain routine, you will be able to discipline yourself and with that, you will be able to make good food choices. Tip: try including healthy snacks in between meals on your meal plan!



  • Drink More Water

According to experts, drinking more water can help prevent binge eating. It is recommended to drink at least one or two glasses of cold water before you start eating so you won’t be triggered to eat more. Drinking cold water will also help speed up your metabolism making it easier for you to feel full.



  • Seek Professional Help

According to psychology professor Robin B. Kanarek, it can be hard to stop overeating on your own especially if there are deep-rooted emotional problems involved. If you can’t control your eating habits, seek professional help. It is important to acknowledge the problem as ignoring it will only make things worst. A professional will be able to help pinpoint the reasons and triggers of your bad eating habits and also establish a proper healthy meal plan for you.

Breaking the binge eating cycle will not be easy but trust that you will overcome this to become the best version of yourself.


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