The New Digital Era

Experiences and customer touch points are increasingly happening online. That’s why we have always believed in small scale productions. Focusing on budget friendly, efficient, organic and social media first content that can drive high engagement for the brands we work with.

Unhosted & Hosted Food Ads

Nothing sells food like mouth-watering and engaging digital content. We have all the tools and know-how you might need to create high-quality content from pre-production to distribution.

Full Creative Solutions

We’re with you from the beginning to the end of the project: from idea, to script, shoot, and edit. We make sure that whatever we create with you is fitting to today’s digital landscape needs and what people are currently hungry for.

Fully Functional Kitchen

Our fully functional kitchen also works as a set designed for cooking and other food-related productions.

All-in-one Studio

We have a whole arsenal of production equipment at our disposal, from professional lighting to cinema cameras and lenses.

Quick Turnaround

We have an in-house team of producers, writers, videographers, cinematographers, colorists, editors and directors, to ensure that projects can happen quickly. We can get you your video in a week or less.

Featured Projects

A travel show that provides quick city guides for today’s time-starved traveler.
Going Coastal
Adventure travel show that takes you to unexplored coasts in the Philippines.
Quick online cooking tutorials.
Various Formats
For all our projects, we try and create content that not only drive towards a campaign, but that can create engagement in its own right.
Why Choose Us?

The Fat Kid Inside is a digital media production company founded by Erwan Heussaff in 2012, with a total following of 7 million people across multiple platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and our Website).

We focus on creator-driven content, which is proven to be one of the most powerful forms of content on social media. We take care of your campaign needs from start to finish: from conceptualization, to optimization, to analytical reports. All while making sure we use the creator’s treatment/formats and preferences, which are proven to work for their audience. Our company-owned platforms also serve as a place for creators to publish their content as an opportunity to grow their own brand.

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