Welcome to the very first episode of Season 2 of Quaker Power Meals!

This week we are making a filling and healthy version of hokkien rice. We added some yams and some oats for the extra kick of fiber and flavour. Watch the video as I also take you around the Chinese cultural hub of the Philippines, Binondo


Serves 4 | 343 Kcal/serving


For the Seafood Mixture

• 2 1⁄2 tsps. olive oil
• 300g yam, remove skin, dice
• 3 cloves garlic, sliced finely
* 150g fresh shrimps, deveined and shelled
* 150g fresh squid, cleaned
* 8 pcs fresh oyster mushrooms

For the Rice

• 1 tsp. olive oil
• 15 shallots, sliced finely
• 3⁄4 cup brown rice, washed and drained
• 1⁄2 cup Quaker Quick Cooking Oats (wash and drain) or Oats for Rice
• 2 cups water, for cooking rice in a rice cooker

For Seasonings

• 1 Tbsp. light soy sauce
• 1⁄2 tsp. dark soy sauce
• 1 Tbsp. oyster sauce
• 1 tsp. sesame oil
* ½ cup chicken stock, chill to remove the fat layer
• 3 stalks spring onions, sliced finely For Garnishing
• 3 stalks spring onions, sliced finely


For the Seafood Mixture

1. In a non-stick pan, add 1⁄2 teaspoon of oil and pan-fry yam until it browns lightly.
2. Remove and drain on paper towels.
3. In the same pan, add 1 teaspoon of oil and stir-fry garlic, shrimps, squids and mushrooms until fragrant and cooked.
4. Add in yam, mix well and set aside.

For the Rice

1. Using the same pan add 1 teaspoon oil and stir-fry shallots until crisp and golden in color.
2. In a pot, cook rice, oats, seasoning ingredients and water.
3. Do not stir until the rice is soft and cooked.
4. Dish out, garnish with fried shallots, seafood and sliced spring onions and serve immediately.


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