Who else was mesmerised by those galaxy themed cakes on Instagram and YouTube? Turns out you can have your cake and eat it too if you make it yourself! I’m no baker, but I decided to make one of the trendiest cakes in the world by MYSELF! All right, maybe I had a little bit of help. Thanks to my good friend Carmela for helping me throughout this baking experience.

Watch the video below! Can you make this cake at home? Show me your works of art by tagging your photos with #thefatkidinside


Ranbow cake:
For the cake –
9 tbsp whole milk
1 ½ tsp vanilla extract
Various colour pastes (red, orange, yellow, green, blue & purple)
750g soft unsalted butter
750g caster sugar
9 large free-range eggs
750g sifted self-raising flour
Butter & flour for preparing the cake tins
1. mix the milk and vanilla extract. separate evenly in as many bowls as you have colors.
2. in the mixer prepare the cake batter in order.
3. weigh the total cake batter, separate evenly in the different bowls of colored milk mixture you have.
4. butter and flour tins, shaking off the excess. Bake for 170c for 20 mins.
5. cool overnight in a cool place (not the fridge) out of the tins on a wire rack
The next day……….
For the buttercream
400g soft unsalted butter
900g sifted icing sugar
5-6 tbs whole milk
½ tsp vanilla extract
1. Level the cakes so that they have a flat top
2. cut a hole in all the layers of cake, except  for top and bottom cakes.
3. mix the butter cream ingredients until smooth.
4. Stack the cake using the buttercream.
5. Fill with some edible Sprinkles or Glampop
Cover the whole cake in butter cream. Freeze until we finish the recipe.
Galaxy Glaze:
* (8) Ounces White Chocolate * (1) Cup Sugar * (1/2) Cup Cold Water * (1/4) Cup Water * (1/2) Cup Light Corn Syrup * (1/2) Cup Sweetened Condensed Milk * (5) Teaspoons Powdered Gelatin
Various colors: black, blue, white, purple, pink all work
various decoration dusts
1. Bloom the gelatin in 1/2 cup of water. Mix well. leave for 15mins
2. in a sauce pan, add in the 1/4 cup water, white chocolate and sugar. on low heat, wait till everything melts. take of the fire and mix the condensed milk, glucose and gelatin. Mix well and let cool for about 15 mins, until it reaches room temp. Strain well into multiple bowls, as many as the galaxy colors as you have.
3. Take the cake out of the freezer, place it on a rack and have some fun covering it quickly with the galaxy mixes and dust. Always use black as your base mix.
4. freeze again until everything sets.
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