Reforestation, Indigenous Tribes and Filipino Adlai Risotto Arroz Caldo - Landscapes Episode 5

In this final episode of Landscapes, I talk to Nico Banayao of the Hineleban Foundation to see how we can breathe life back into Mother Nature, helping the indigenous communities who rely so heavily on her. I also make a risotto-like arroz caldo using adlai, a local ingredient that can help solve many of the country’s issues.

There’s no question that our earth is in dire need of care– from bare forests, relentless typhoons, and surging floods, our planet is telling us that our unsustainable lifestyles have to end. In the city, it’s hard to feel the effects of deforestation and unsustainable agriculture. As skyscrapers get higher and higher and as more cars fill the streets in the name of “progress”, we see less of what’s happening not just to the land in the farming parts of the country, but also to the people who tend to and live off of them. We are running the earth dry of its resources in pursuit of material wealth without stopping to think about the people who rely so heavily on nature. What is the point of material wealth if we cannot ensure every Filipino gets proper daily meals? What is progress without sustainability? 

In this episode of Landscapes, I talk to Nico Banayao of the Hineleban Foundation. This non-profit and non-stock organization helps restore ecosystems (particularly rainforests and watersheds around Mindanao) and conducts food security and livelihood programs for the indigenous communities in the area. For more information about this wonderful foundation with an amazing advocacy, click HERE. You can also check out their Facebook page here

I also cook up a risotto-inspired arroz caldo type of dish using adlai, a local grain that’s similar to rice. Introducing this humble ingredient to more people and producing more of it may be an answer to the growing demand of rice and the undernutrition of many Filipinos. This east-meets-west dish is bold, flavorful, and filling, but still healthy and makes use of locally sourced ingredients.

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