Bone Marrow isn’t bad for you! (just don’t eat with bread if you are dieting)

Read about it in my good fats post here:

The best thing about this silky treat is that it’s so easy to cook. Clean them up and roast them in a hot oven at 200c for 15mins. If you want to get all pretty about it then you can soak your bones overnight to get a clean and white look to the dish. Hell, you are eating a bone, just go caveman on it like i do.

It is very important to season the bone marrow because if not it will taste a little too one dimensional. I usually look for a balance of citrus, salt and sweetness with my Marrow. Here I make a quick salad/salsa (toss together pineapple, flat leaf parsley, pepper, red onions) and then I season it with a little flake salt before popping it into my mouth. Find the most rustic crusty bread you can find, get it nice and hot, rip off a massive piece and lather it with some Dark Cherry jam. Believe me the emotional attachment you will feel is painful delicious.

Enough talk, this post is about the video. Another one brought to you by the SeaBiscuit Films x The Fat Kid Inside collab.

Directed by Nicky Daez
Produced by Sabs Bengzon
Shot by Sabs Bengzon, Nicky Daez and Ivan Aldover
Edited by Adrielle Martinez
Sound by Dru Ubaldo (Pointbee Multimedia)
Song: Do Undo by Modulogeek

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