Let’s be honest. No matter how hard we try to summon the “diet ako eh” card, all of us will nonchalantly feast during this holiday season. Not necessarily a bad thing, yes, but not that good either. Who wouldn’t want to have some bites of that crispy lechon skin, with an inviting ethereal crackle that calls our names? Well I don’t. I was just kidding of course I do! But hey, you get my point.

Since it’s nearly impossible and substantially unreasonable for us not to have the goodies that we all love, which are mostly available only on festive seasons, it’s expected that the question that we all would like to ask yet again is, “How will we get through this last leg of the year without messing-up our weight?”

Here are some simple tips you can follow:

  • Use a small plate

It’s actually a method to trick your eyes by filling the plate that comes with much less space with the same delights that you like. Since we all tend to occupy almost all of the clean spots of the plate, having a smaller vessel to carry food for your irrepressible appetite would help cut-down on the serving portions. Just keep in mind that stacking food and getting another “round” because “mas konti naman kinain ko” after a brief internal spat with your conscience do not come along with this package.


  • Remember the “French Paradox”

It was a baffling question to many people some decades ago— how come the average population of France isn’t getting big albeit their notoriously hearty and sinfully scrumptious meals? One of the reasons that were discovered is their attitude towards mealtime. Their secret? During a soirée (just a fancy French word for an evening party), they eat almost, if not all the selections on the table. The catch? They only get a portion of everything. That way, they track their consumption way easily and get to enjoy all the food at the same time. Second, they eat slowly by socialising. Certain studies suggest that it takes about 20 minutes before we can feel the satiety from our meal. Thus, inflicting an influx down to your stomach in a much shorter time will only make you consume more. Take away mantra is, “eat until your satisfied, not until you’re full”.


  • Limit carbohydrates

Starches are really heavy. They make us feel satiety way slower than other nutrients such protein, which can make you consume more than expected. And we all know that Filipinos will undoubtedly fight tooth and nail the illegitimacy of a meal, which claims to be a meal, yet doesn’t come with rice. I therefore suggest to all to drop that claim and swallow your pride even just for a moment. This includes other heavy starches such as pancit, mashed potatoes, pasta, etc.


  • Drink water while babysitting that booze

Though it won’t do much in terms of getting us less drunk, water is an effective “distraction” and filler during drinking sessions. Drinking water in between shots, preferably sparkling water, would help us drink a lot more moderately by slowing down our alcohol consumption. Of course, this only applies to people who drink, and is not a guarantee that it will help you cure hangover the next day. But it’s still better to plan and do something about it, than let our irrepressible thirst take charge of it. Also, the another “round” principle applies here as well.

Whatever your health plan is, or if you don’t really have any at this point, just remember to have fun. We all deserve to be happy on this festive season. Just be as responsible as you could by following these simple recommendations. The night will always be young, so take your time and enjoy your company.

Happy Holidays!

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